Astell & KernAK380usedAstell & Kern AK380 player, dock, remote & moreThis is my personal Astell & Kern AK380 hi-res music player. Bought it on a whim thinking I was going to use it traveling and basically never got around to finding headphones I liked. It's be...1400.00

Astell & Kern AK380 player, dock, remote & more

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This is my personal Astell & Kern AK380 hi-res music player.  Bought it on a whim thinking I was going to use it traveling and basically never got around to finding headphones I liked.  It's been plugged into my home stereo as a music server/DAC mostly but I find I really only listen to vinyl so it's barely been used.  It's in perfect condition, never dropped, damaged or abused in anyway.  Smoke-free, child free, pet free home.  The player is the meteoric titan color (it's pretty much "bronze"), and comes with an Astell & Kern leather carry case in a cognac like color.  I'm also including the official Astell & Kern docking station.  It has a proprietary docking plug that then gives you the option of USB plug for charging or balanced XLR jacks for true audiophile connection to your home system.  It's a matching color and holds the unit at about a 45 deg angle for perfect decktop/countertop display.  And how would you properly integrate it at home without a remote, so I've also got the Astell & Kern AK remote control, it's a light silver metal remote that can be handheld or placed flat on a desk.  It has a matching machined knob and touch sensitive surface for controlling songs and volume.  It's bluetooth and USB rechargable.  And for when you're using at as a travel player, I'm including an Extreme Audio 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm Stereo adapter incase you use headphones that can't take advantage of the higher res balanced output jack on the AK380.

This is what's included:

Astell & Kern AK380, original box, papers, warranty card ($3,499)

Astell & Kern AK380 leather case, tan color ($129)

Astell & Kern AKRM01 remote, original box ($249)

Astell & Kern AK380Cradle, original box ($349)

Extreme Audio 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter ($110)

over $4,000 retail value!


Evolved to Serve Pro-Audio

Astell&Kern has stayed on the course, offering the truest and most natural sound possible.

The new AK380 offers the most authentic sound from any digital music format with enhanced features that are sought-after by Pro-Audio.

32bit 384kHz Bit to Bit Playback, Native DSD (up to 11.2 MHz) Playback, Parametric EQ with 20bands 0.01dB,

200 Femto Seconds VCXO Reference Clock, Scalable Amp, DNLA based AK Connect App, Metal Touch Sensor Home Button

Every bit of the AK380 was designed for Pro-Audio in mind.

The sound that Pro-Audio people have been looking for starts with the AK380.


32-bit 384kHz bit-to-bit Playback

All of the AK380’s circuit design including the digital-analog converter (DAC) are ready for 32-bit processing to handle 32-bit music natively.

Other products have traditionally used sample rate converter (SRC) method down sampling for playback.

However, the AK380 is capable of playing back 32-bit, 384 kHz original sound without any down sampling.

The result is the AK380 plays up to 32-bit, 384 kHz, any 24-bit music files, or double layer DSD 11.2MHz natively, without conversion or compression.

PEQ (Parametric EQ)

A parametric equalizer (PEQ*1) was implemented in the AK380 to deliver detailed adjustment of the original sound, and an audio digital signal processor (DSP) was added to aid in this process.

This frees up CPU cycles previously needed for calculating graphic equalizers (GEQ), allowing more detailed and accurate calculations via the dedicated DSP.

The audio DSP expands the existing 10-band, ±0.5 dB graphic equalizer (GEQ*2) to 20-band, ±0.01 dB to more precisely adjust the frequency and gain (dB) as well as more accurately specifying the frequency range via Q value adjustments.

* The PEQ supports up to 8 kHz - 192 kHz (8/16/24-bit) formats, but DSD and 32-bit audio are not supported.

What is Parametric Equalization (PEQ*1)?

Parametric equalization refers to the ability to increase or decrease the volume within the Q value range.

A Q value is a frequency range relative to a selected frequency. The frequency range decreases when the Q value increases and vice versa.

What is Graphic Equalization (GEQ*2)?

Graphic equalization divides the audible frequency register into several registers and increases or decreases the level of each register with a volume slider to adjust the respective frequency’s characteristics.

The switches of the volume slider are connected like a graph to visually determine the frequency characteristics, hence the name "graphic equalizer."

Equipped With a Femto Clock to Deliver True Original Sound

Astell&Kern implemented a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) high-precision clock with a reference jitter value of 200 femto seconds*3. Femto clocks are commonly used in high-end audio systems, and the clock is measured in high-precision femtosecond units (one quadrillionth of a second).

What is VCXO?

A VCXO, or a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator, is a type of crystal oscillation device that creates oscillation frequencies.

External environmental stimuli, which in this case mean voltage inputs, influence the frequency value. Adjustments to the voltage input tunes a precise frequency value.

What is Jitter?

Jitter refers to the undesired deviation in time that occurs in a periodic signal. In this case, jitter is the error that occurs in the reference clock required to perform the sampling in digital audio equipment.

By utilizing a femto clock, the AK380 is able to create a more accurate frequency value and make fine jitter corrections. As a result, the AK380 faithfully reproduces analog sound closer than ever to the original source when transmitting a digital signal as an analog signal.

AK Connect App

Astell&Kern has further enhanced DLNA functionality via the AK Connect app.

Wireless networking DLNA (version 1.0) connects to a NAS or PC, and is easily controlled with a smartphone or tablet through AK Connect. Source files on a PC or NAS can be freely transferred and streamed without the hassle of turning on the physically connecting with a cable.

If on the same access point (AP) network, music files on a PC or NAS can be played back via DLNA.

The AK Connect and AK Connect HD apps Download

The AK Connect and AK Connect HD apps are available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Pressure-sensitive Metal Capacitive Touch

The AK380 is the first Astell&Kern product to utilize a metal capacitive touch interface.

The pressure-sensitive Metal Touch home button responds to fine pressure changes so users operate the device with just a light touch on the metallic pad.

More Expandable Options

The AK380 offers great expandable options through its micro USB connection and balanced out ports on the bottom of the unit. 

The AK380’s functionality is expandable by connecting to a variety of devices.

You can increase the output and connect to a greater variety of high-impedance professional headphones through the upcoming AK380 Amp. The AK380 Cradle features balanced output in addition to USB data transfer and charging capabilities, and the AK380 CD-ROM drive rips audio CDs directly to the AK380.

Astell&Kern AK380 Fitted Leather Case:

The AK380 leather case captures the essence of naturally-reflected moving light and the cast shadows. More than simple protection, the leather case embraces the AK380's design motifs.

Made of Tudor side calf leather from Italy's Iniziative Conciarie Associate (INCAS) workshop

Side calf leather is from cows of two years of age or less. Its fine texture and smoothness are excellent for freely-expressing its characteristics during processing.

INCAS is dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly products and performs strict post-tanning screening using over 60 different criteria to meet the high quality standards that customers demand.

The AK380 case features a small internal gap to reduce damage due to friction with the screw cap for greater product protection.

Astell&Kern REMOTE:

The AK RM01 is a Bluetooth remote control that smoothly and efficiently handles multiple functions of Astell&Kern high-resolution audio players.

The beautiful and ergonomically designed aluminum volume wheel key allows easy, yet precise volume adjustments and control of other essential functions with just a light touch.

Control essential music playback features such as: play, pause, next/previous track, and volume. There is no “button overload” with the AK RM01, just the essentials. 

Sit back and relax with your favorite music that's conveniently controlled with the AK RM01.

Easily and conveniently operate your lineup of Astell&Kern products with the AK RM01.

Connects via Bluetooth to the Astell&Kern family including the AK T1, AK500N, and AK380

Aluminum finish: stylish, luxurious, and looks great and any setting

Also supports non Astell&Kern audio players


The AK Cradle is not merely a cradle - it's an extension of the AK300 Series Portable Players. Although the previous Astell&Kern cradle was simply a charging station, the new AK300 Series Cradle was developed from the ground up to deliver many more features.

Sound output via balanced XLR cables 

Connection to the AK CD-Ripper

USB cable optimized for charging

Experience the AK Cradle's incredible features for yourself.

Balanced XLR Output

Balanced XLR output is now possible via the AK Cradle.

Easily output sound through your home audio system by connecting the AK380, AK320 or AK300 to your favorite amplifier.

* Mount the AK380, AK320 or AK300 and raise the clamp at the rear of the AK Cradle for sound output through the cradle.

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