RotelRMB-1095usedRotel RMB-1095If your home theater or audio system demands heavy-duty capabilities, the Rotel RMB-1095 amplifier's energy output can do the job. It provides pleasing musical experiences for audiophiles for years...899.00

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If your home theater or audio system demands heavy-duty capabilities, the Rotel RMB-1095 amplifier's energy output can do the job. It provides pleasing musical experiences for audiophiles for years on end. Sound quality is great thanks to the uncompressed reproduction it provides. The high amount of energy it feeds into your speakers allows you to attain clear, crisp audio at any volume. The resulting sound can fill a room and leave your audio sounding its best at the same time. The unit produces a full kilowatt of power and is often only limited by the home's ability to supply current. There are five channels with each rated at 200 watts. There are six output BJTs per channel, and each is a high-power complementary design. This allows the impedance load to be low while providing the punch for high current. The 30 bipolar transistors are configured as both PNP and NPN, 15 of each in total. The push-pull design allows the amp to channel its energy load more accurately. The unit's energy is generated by two muscular toroid transformers. Eight capacitors of 80V 15,000 uF are provided to round out the energy provision. An over-current protection circuit avoids overload situations that could harm the device. The current absorbers protect against surges. LED indicators help you keep an eye on everything. Casters in the back of the amplifier make the device a snap to position. You can maneuver it around corners and against walls thanks to these helpful wheels. The amplifier is easy to install and comes with the company's reputation for high-fidelity products. RCA input and balanced XLR ports allow you to be flexible in your choice of media and accessories. There is also a DB-25 input jack for processors of this type. You can hook it into your choice of receiver, DVD or Blu-ray players, or subwoofers. This allows you to customize your Rotel experience.Weighing 70 pounds and standing 9 inches tall, the amp is sturdy enough to stay where you put it. In the back of the RMB, there are (5) five-way binding posts. Each high-quality post is built to withstand many instances of connecting and disconnecting. In addition to post quality, the speaker holes are aligned vertically. This means that if you input multiple cords, they'll stay neat and easy to differentiate. You can easily plug in your receivers and other accessories and keep track of cables. The output jacks are also color-coded. This allows you to see at a glance where you need to put a cable. The Rotel power amplifier is lined with heatsinks. These help the amplifier stay cool in all situations whether you're playing music or streaming a movie. The heatsinks also lend a textured appearance to the RMB-1095 amp. Providing additional visual interest is the Silver panel in the center. It contrasts strikingly with the black of the body. It also makes the indicators easier to see. A power button in the center bottom makes for easy on and off. Small feet lift the bottom of the amp off the ground so that it can stay cooler.

Product Key Features:

Number of L/R Front, L/R rear & Center RCA & XLR Inputs - (5 each)
Type - Multi channel Power Amplifier
Number of Channels - (5)

Additional Product Features:

Frequency Response - 15Hz-100kHz
Audio Signal to Noise Ratio - 116dB

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