McIntoshMA-6900usedMcIntosh MA-6900McIntosh cherry wood cabinet for McIntosh amps with a 17 1/2 by 7 1/8 faceplate. Includes: MA9600 MA6700 MA6900 MA7900 MAC6700 MAC7200 C52 C2600 Made in USA by McIntosh Cabinets. Solid c...150.00

McIntosh MA-6900 [Expired]

no longer for sale

McIntosh cherry wood cabinet for McIntosh amps with a 17 1/2 by 7 1/8 faceplate.  Includes: MA9600  MA6700  MA6900  MA7900  MAC6700  MAC7200  C52  C2600

Made in USA by McIntosh Cabinets. Solid construction, made of 3/4" 13-ply blatic birch plywood. 
Cabinet is in great condition!  Metal vent plate on top is in perfect condition- no dents, warping, rust or oxidation. Rubber feet on bottom are smooth, supple and in excellent condition. Wood has been cared for properly over the years and has a rich, lustrous glow. A few minor scratches on the right side (see picture for details). More like press marks and did not gouge the grain. Back right corder has a small chip (see photo for details). Some scratches on the inside from moving the amp in and out but can't be seen when amp is inside. 
Outside dimensions: 18.5w, 8h, 17.5d. Inside dimensions: 17w, 6.5h. 
Local pick-up can be arranged.
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