Darwin Cables...Truth II IC...usedDarwin Cables... Truth II IC... HUGE SALE!Here's a tremendous opportunity to transform your audio system. Since we've just launched our newest cable, The Enlightenment by Darwin, we're matching the introductory 25% Off on any interconnect ...825.00

Darwin Cables... Truth II IC... HUGE SALE!

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Here's a tremendous opportunity to transform your audio system. Since we've just launched our newest cable, The Enlightenment by Darwin, we're matching the introductory 25% Off on any interconnect and speaker cable storewide for a limited time only. That includes the remarkable Darwin Truth II IC. Low Mass, Air Dielectric, Pure Silver, Ultra-Low Capacitance, Deep-Cryogenically-Treated. We'll let customers and reviewers tell you just how great the Truth II is: 

The Darwin Truth is better than the $15,000 Nordost Odin!    
"I have Jazz at the Pawnshop playing on the McIntosh system right now. It's on Double 2x 128 DSD out of the new McIntosh D150, it is also playing on SACD out of McIntosh new 450t transport and the turntable has a very good older recording of it playing as well. All simultaneously. I just took the ($15,000 MSRP) Nordost Odin XLR out between the DAC and the preamp, replaced it with your Darwin Truth.    "The Truth sound stage is deeper. There is clearly more natural placement of each player on the stage with more natural air around each person. I have seen photos of the real event so I can see what the real stage looked like. Your cables are more correct and wayyyy more organic. The Odin magnified the digital source to my ears, meaning it made it sound more mathematical which Is not a good thing on ultra high resolution files in my book. To me, it sounds more natural all the way around, in the ways that matter to me, than my friend's mega buck system. I'm talking outrageous money. 

"I will use the drum solo on High Life as an example. Magic on ultra precise placement! I've never heard this recording give me the organic detail during the solo that allowed me to place each drum being hit as if I was stand right I front of, I could place each drum inches apart as he rolled across his set. Even hitting different parts of the same skin were identifiable.   "Extreme detail all organic all while not artificially affecting the stage or placement of other players. That my friend is hard to do! Bravo! Best I've heard and this system loves Truth! Having both XLRs in the system makes an even bigger gap between your competition. Since my DAC has the Truth running to the preamp and the preamp to the amp is also a Darwin Truth I noticed even more detail and depth. Amazing products, my friend! There is nothing in the way to cloud the actual capabilities of the Truths. I'm all Darwin now, and it truly is the best I have heard!" —Scott Ringle— Former industry distributor, GA

Beats $18,000 MIT Oracle Max Rev2's     
 "Customers are reporting the amazing sound the Darwin Truth II cables gave their systems. Some shot it out with more expensive cables like the Transparent Reference MM2, Analysis Plus, Audience, Crystal Cable, Shunyata Research, Synergistic Research, etc. I even compared to my flagship MIT Oracle Max Rev2's that are priced as much as eighteen times the cost of a Darwin Truth II and yet it beats my MIT in terms of transparency, soundstaging, texture and PRAT. Awesome bass too. Simply amazing!"  — R. D. Marave, Dealer, Puerto Rico

The Darwin Truth II cables are game changers! ​    
"I wanted to wait until I have completely run the cables in before I send this feedback to you. This is not an exaggeration. Your Darwin Cables are the most organic, palpable cables that I have ever heard. When you said they were game changers, you weren't wrong. They just get out of the way and let the signal through. My next quest: to save up for the Truth II speaker cables, and another Truth II Red PC. I am one happy customer!  — Andrew Yin, Australia (Truth II XLR, Truth II Black PC & Truth II Red PC) 

I should have never hesitated!
“Just wanted to thank you for the Truth II RCA ICs. I should never have hesitated on buying them. They are the most resolving and coherent cables I have heard in my system. After breaking in with playing just music and the occasional test CD my speakers have basically disappeared and been replaced with a soundstage that’s limited by the recording and my room, and not much else. It’s almost holographic in it's presentation and definitely 3D as the depth, layering, separation, decay and ambience are of another world compared to what I had before. Impact and dynamics are up as well which all contribute to that “you are there” or “they are here” or whatever audiophile terminology one cares to use. People always try to justify limiting their funds when it comes to cables and that is where their systems need it the most: that last final touch. What good is it having great components if they’re limited with modest cabling? I could never wrap my head around that one. There must be a lot of tin ears in this hobby, and you don’t need golden ears to hear what your cables can do for one’s system."​ —Tim Patchett, CA

'I've never heard anything like this!”    
 “The Truth II XLRs sound transparent, detailed, yet smooth and relaxed. Transients are quick and impactful. Great emotion is coming through. Friday night after watching "Love and Mercy" (fantastic film, by the way) my wife and I listened to "Pet Sounds", followed by a few different cuts from pop albums. She kept remarking 'I've never heard anything like this! It's so detailed! You can hear everything!' So she seems to be a fan, too ;-)”  —Evan Patton

 “The Truth May be Your Last Cable”    
 “Darwin Cables has yet again shown that outstanding products appear from unexpected places. ...the Darwin Truth silver cable is the finest interconnect I have had in my system. From the very first recordings cued up, The Truth created an enormous soundstage—the largest I have heard from any cable, regardless of price, geometry, or conductor type. It rendered the sublime Columbia SACD recording of Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky: The Right Of Spring as a massive wall of sound that befitted the epic drama of the piece. To say I was glued to my chair would be an understatement. Yes, the piece is also filled with nuance, and The Truth was able to transition from bombast to delicacy without a hitch. ...an absolutely seamless, delicate top end, and a buttery, liquid midrange. With Rodrigo’s Concerto De Aranjuez, The Truth captured the complexity and layers of the strings, the woody overtones of the guitar, and the varying degrees of hall ambience on each recording. Stunning, to say the least. The Truth may be your last cable." — Andre Marc, Audio/Video Revolution

1M Truth II RCA MSRP $1095 SALE $825 SAVE $275 
1M Truth II XLR MSRP $1095 SALE $825 SAVE $375

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Every cable we sell is backed by Darwin's 30 Day Peace of Mind Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee. We rarely get a return but isn't it nice to know you can transform your system at NO RISK?

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