Tellurium QBlackusedTellurium Q Black Speaker Cables 2 meter Excellent ConditionPRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!!! Well cared for 2 meter Tellurium Black speaker cables (pair), excellent condition. I am selling in order to get a taste of other speaker cables. Reviews: Rod Ale...155.00

Tellurium Q Black Speaker Cables 2 meter Excellent Condition [Expired]

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PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!!! Well cared for 2 meter Tellurium Black speaker cables (pair), excellent condition. I am selling in order to get a taste of other speaker cables. Reviews: Rod Alexander said: Tellurium Q doesn’t need my platitudes, having amassed enough from reviewers across the globe. However, I’m forced to join the hordes singing the praises of these cables, as despite the ‘straight off an OEM manufacturers reel’ appearance, the Tellurium Q Black is a very, very special loudspeaker cable. So special, in fact, that normal hi-fi descriptions are hard to apply. It provided a step change difference in resolution – in what is already a very high resolution system. All too often, the word ‘resolution’ is used as a polite euphemism for ‘brightness’. Not here. The greater resolution on offer is achieved while actually reducing apparent brightness. Instead, music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness. It’s a cable that just takes you one step closer to the performers. It’s like being at a small, intimate gig that suffers a power failure, forcing the performers to continue ‘unplugged’. Instruments are far more natural, cymbals have a natural shimmer and nothing sounds, bright, etched or even obviously detailed, just natural, with incredible dynamics. This is not a bass-light cable, yet it pulled of the trick of making bass sound authoritative, yet pared to the bone, providing wonderful textural information about bass frequency instrumentation. Conclusion The Tellurium Q Black didn’t just knock me off my feet, it knocked me off my perch, forcing me to accept that Tellurium Q’s design approach truly advances the art. Not that that crossed my mind when listening – I was too busy enjoying the music and inviting people round to hear how incredible my system sounded. This cable will reveal what your system does well and what it does badly, either restoring your confidence in your hi-fi equipment, or forcing you to concede that it’s time for an equipment upgrade. I owe Tellurium Q’s Geoff Merrigan an apology. This is a wonderful loudspeaker cable, providing clarity without being clinical and at times, a startling sense of a being closer to the performance. In fact, I’ve listened to complete system upgrades that have not provided the improvement in transparency and naturalness that the Tellurium Q Black provides. Second Reviewer said: If you want transparency and clarity from your speaker cable we guarantee that it will sound as good as, if not better than anything within its price range you have connected between your speakers and amplifier right now. Tellurium Black really is something special and even surprised us at how much difference it makes given what we were used to in the world of HiFi. It does what we feel a speaker cable should do and that is transmit signals from your amplifier to your speakers without coloring or distorting the sound. This cable performs way beyond its price point would suggest. They are very neutral and focused sounding and simply get on with delivering the music, no more, no less. We have tried them in a variety of different systems and we love what they do! The Tellurium Black won the coveted 5 Globes Award in Hi-Fi World Magazine and the entire range of Tellurium has also won the award for Cable of the Year in Hi-Fi + Magazine.
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