ZYXUNIverse OptimumusedZYX UNIverse Optimum demo  Happy 19th SORA.SORA is 19 years old and in honor of his birthday, we are selling everything on huge discounts. This includes my own demo models of UNIverse III, UNIverse Optimum and Ultimate Astro. Please contac...9000.00

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ZYX UNIverse Optimum demo Happy 19th SORA. [Expired]

no longer for sale

SORA is 19 years old and in honor of his birthday, we are selling everything on huge discounts. This includes my own demo models of UNIverse III, UNIverse Optimum and Ultimate Astro.  Please contact for details.
"Music of Pure Magic"  
We are honored to announce ZYX UNIverse Optimum as our top UNIverse model.

I was humbled again to read the following review on 10audio.com "Another ceiling has been shattered, another mountain conquered, and another superlative surpassed. The new ZYX UNIverse Optimum moving coil phonograph cartridge has raised above the very high pinnacle of performance set by the ZYX UNIverse Premium, reviewed here on 10 Audio"  -- Jerry Seigel
This is a great opportunity to get a demo model, low hours.

Fresh review out this morning. I was humbled to learn a few minutes ago that we had received the Editor’s Choice Award for this amazing phono cartridge.   
You loved UNIverse Premium. You will adore UNIverse Optimum.   (one demo model available)
2018 Positive Feedback Brutus Award just received.  "What amazing clarity! What tonal balance and impressive neutrality! What well-integrated harmonics, with a transparent presentation that made every album that I listened to for six weeks simply stand revealed for what it was! Frankly, I fell in love with what the ZYX UOX was doing, with nary a quibble or objection in hearing. This cartridge floated neutrality in all of its glory, without making it obnoxious…not a hint of the analytical, no glare, no midrange hump, no gush or lush…just analogical greatness.....It’s definitely in the front rank of my top-o’-the-heap phono cartridges. If you can afford the scratch, this is one that you should snatch!." -- David W. Robinson    Limited quantity available (.24Mv and the very low output; 4 ohm and 1 ohm).  For further information please call me.  Priority goes to our existing UNIverse customers.
Review link:  https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2018/08/25/zyx-universe-optimum/amp/ 

Richard Mac, Part-time Audio
"ZYX UNIverse Optimum is one of the finest phono cartridges I have ever heard"
["The 0.24mv output UNIverse Premium, the immediate predecessor to the ZYX UNIverse Optimum, is already a titan amongst phono cartridges. In the 2016 review, I said “the ZYX Premium has achieved tonal perfection, with no identifiable weakness whatsoever,” and rightfully so. From its endless frequency extension at both ends of the frequency spectrum to its remarkable neutrality in tonal balance, to its vivid realism in instrument separation and sound staging, to its ability to render minute details, I truly could not find fault with the ZYX Premium cartridge."]
"It is now the new reference standard for me, by which all future cartridges will be judged against."

(Only one demo model available. Hurry up!)
Thank you. 


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