David WienerFerrari Art.EngineusedDavid Wiener Ferrari Art.Engine Limited Edition Stereo LoudspeakerEX-Demo Display model that has been exhibited in our showroom. 1 scratch. Minor scratches from dust that can be polished. See photos. This item is Ex-Demo with open box and original packaging. W...7000.00

David Wiener Ferrari Art.Engine Limited Edition Stereo Loudspeaker

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EX-Demo Display model that has been exhibited
in our showroom. 1 scratch. Minor scratches from dust that can be
polished. See photos.

This item is Ex-Demo with open box and original
packaging. We are a business seller. This item is from our stock.
It is 100% guaranteed original!

Manufactured in 2008.


This is a wireless stereo loudspeaker, limited edition, manufactured in 300 pcs.

The unit has 1 scratch, visible in the photos.

EX-DEMO Display model that has been exhibited in our showroom. Minor scratches from dust that can be polished.

Please pay attention to all pictures in the listing. If you need further information and pictures please contact us.


The Ferrari Art.Engine redefines personal music
listening. As the world changes its listening habits and embraces
digital music and iTunes® computer management of personal
music libraries, the Art.Engine stands out as the only music system
designed to reproduce the original artists’ music in its truest form,
bringing today’s compressed music files to life.

Today's tech lifestyle has created a new mode of
music listening and demands a totally new approach to audio. DWC, with
input from Ferrari, has accepted this challenge and the result is

You can see and hear the passion inspired by
Ferrari in Art.Engine's every detail - from the racing-style NACA
cooling ducts, sumptuous carbon fiber baffles and Ferrari inspired paint
finish to the exceptional sonic performance. An audio and engineering
tour de force, the Art.Engine is a complete audio system that combines
two stunning speaker arrays, wireless signal input and digital
electronics, all in a single tower.

Compact Size. Advanced Technology. Easy To Use

Powerful, yet streamlined at 47 inches tall,
16 inches wide and only 6 inches deep, the Art.Engine creates a
room-filling sound field of high-definition stereo entertainment.
Needless to say, performance is outstanding. "Vibrant," "clear" and
"three-dimensional" are some of the words listeners use to describe the

Art.Engine's sophisticated technology brings
considerable advantages in performance, yet its extreme simplicity
provides immediate ease of use. One control button sends music
wirelessly from your computer, or you can plug in an iPod®, MP3, satellite radio or CD player and instantly enjoy an extraordinary music experience.

As one of the most exclusive products ever to
bear the Ferrari name, Art.Engine is a tribute to Ferrari's standards,
performance and style.



Inspired by Ferrari. Extraordinary performance,
combined with uncompromised materials and craftsmanship. Emotional yet
timeless styling combined with an enviable sense of exclusivity.

Ferrari’s advances in material science and
fabrication are just two examples of how Ferrari’s technological
excellence has inspired the extraordinary Art.Engine. With innovative
technology, fine detailing and Ferrari inspired paint finishes, there is
no question that the Art.Engine embodies both the passion and the
technology one expects in a product bearing the Ferrari name.

Clearly, David Wiener and Ferrari have dared to imagine what an executive audio system could be.

"Any high end product licensed by Ferrari
must have an uncompromising approach to quality, breakthrough
technology, and ultimate performance. The Art.Engine encompasses them

- Giulio Zambeletti, Director of Brand Development Ferrari SpA

Art.Engine. The Passion Of Ferrari. Extraordinary In Every Sense.


Designed specifically as the ultimate executive
office audio system, the Ferrari Art.Engine can be found in the most
exclusive offices, dens and garages of music lovers, Ferrari enthusiasts
and fine art collectors around the world. From Michael Schumacher to
Heads of State, the Ferrari Art.Engine has made an impression on
everyone who owns this limited edition audio instrument.

Audio As Art. As one of the
most exclusive products ever inspired by Ferrari, Art.Engine is an objet
d’art that introduces a new standard in music reproduction and visual
presentation. More a fine instrument than a piece of electronic
equipment, the Art.Engine combines performance, beauty and simplicity,
making it the focal point of any space it inhabits.

Limited Edition. Out of respect
for Ferrari tradition, production of the Art.Engine has been limited to
1000 pieces. Much like the famous limited runs of classic GT cars,
Art.Engine’s exclusivity creates increased excitement for auto
aficionados, collectors and audio connoisseurs alike.

Exclusivity Is Guaranteed.
Following the experience gained from the production of limited edition
GT cars, the Art.Engine limited edition is carefully monitored with
audits at every stage of production. In order to maximize the value of
the Art.Engine owner’s investment, photographs and data from each
Art.Engine are documented in detail and registered for future reference
and authentication. To further guarantee authenticity, official Ferrari
holographic markers on each Art.Engine are individually numbered and are
recorded as part of the audit procedure.

Certificate Of Authenticity.
Every Art.Engine is given a multi-stage inspection and is performance
tested prior to authentication and registration. Once the Art.Engine has
passed all performance, assembly and visual detail inspections, a
unique Certificate of Authenticity is produced, signed and presented to
the new Art.Engine owner.


A New Experience In Music Listening.
The innovative technology that makes Art.Engine such an extraordinary
audio instrument is a clear reflection of the Art.Engine team’s culture
of unrestricted design and R&D. The resulting acoustic, digital and
wireless technologies, materials, design and fabrication combine to
create a significant advance in audio accuracy, stereo imaging and sound

Wireless — The Future Of Listening.
Art.Engine’s wireless signal input system takes advanced audio
performance to a new level of ease. Simply plug the Art.Engine into an
electrical outlet and the digital receiver technology built into the
Art.Engine will instantly take music files and web radio beamed from any
PC or Mac computer and turn it into an exceptional listening
experience. Art.Engine also provides a hardwire input connection for a
CD player, satellite radio, iPod® or other portable music device, so you can listen to anything you or your guests want to plug in.

Stereo Imaging From A Single Point Source.
Art.Engine has solved a significant problem encountered in conventional
stereo systems: how to get both channels to sound balanced from any
position in the room. Unlike conventional systems, which require you to
sit in a specific location, perfectly positioned between two speakers,
Art.Engine’s proprietary signal management technology provides accurate
stereo imaging to any location. Eliminating the need for two speakers
and wiring provides unique flexibility in the placement of the
Art.Engine within the room, creating an un-cluttered and elegant audio


Machined from 250 pound billets of T6 aluminum
and trimmed in carbon fiber, the Ferrari Art.Engine is hand finished
with multi-coat Ferrari paints and clear coat and buffed to an
extraordinary lustre. You can choose any Ferrari color - from current to
historical and classic shades.

Every component in the Ferrari Art.Engine is
custom engineered for ultimate performance. Attention to detail and
absolute quality are driven by the passion of DWC and Ferrari - and a
“cost no object” approach to creating the ultimate musical system for
the executive office or home.

Built into the solid aluminum enclosure are 18 drivers, four 200 watt digital amps, proprietary DSP and DWC-APHEX®
circuitry and a wireless digital receiver, allowing CD quality music to
be beamed to the Art.Engine directly from your computer or DWC wireless

Assembly, Quality Control & Testing.
Manufacturing and assembly at the purpose-built Art.Engine facility
provide the foundation for exacting performance and quality control.
Computer-controlled machining converts raw aluminum into highly detailed
components, which after inspection, are plated, painted and
clear-coated in a two-week process that ends in the hand-assembled
Art.Engine. Visual, electronic and listening tests implemented
throughout the production and assembly process

Finished in a choice of Ferrari inspired
colors, including Rosso Corsa, Argento Nurburgring, Grigio Silverstone
and Nero, Art.Engine celebrates the performance, detail and timeless
beauty of the world’s greatest GT cars.


Ferrari’s Advances in Material Science and Fabrication.
are just two examples of how Ferrari’s technological excellence has
inspired the development of the Art.Engine. Digitally controlled milling
of billet aluminum, carbon fiber composite fabrication, laser and
water-jet cutting, electronic “black-box” circuitry and Ferrari inspired
paint formulations combine to give Art.Engine the high level of quality
and elegance expected of a product bearing the Ferrari name.

Every Component Is Engineered for Ultimate Performance And Reliability. Art.Engine
brings a legendary name into the world of high tech audio, requiring
uncompromising performance and quality standards. Every component has
been designed and engineered to meet exacting performance parameters. As
an example of this commitment to absolute quality, all 16
hand-assembled mid/woofers used in the Art.Engine are individually
tested prior to approval for use. Once approved, they must be matched as
a group, to provide the truest, most consistent sound possible. This
grouping is then mated to a pair of unique dome tweeters produced by
ScanSpeak of Denmark – respected throughout the world as the leader in
dome tweeter technology.

Material Selection Designed to Enhance Performance.
Art.Engine’s chassis has been engineered to optimize structural
rigidity and sound-wave flow. Sophisticated mathematical modeling of the
aluminum chassis maximizes sonic accuracy while eliminating unwanted
resonances and vibration, allowing Art.Engine to convert all of its
speaker cone motion into sound energy, without losing music detail
through structural vibration.


Description: Bi-amplified,
stereo audio system with twin integrated line-source loudspeakers,
amplifiers, DSP signal management and digital wireless receiver. Eight
custom DWC 75mm (3") carbon fiber high-performance mid/woofers and one
ScanSpeak custom 28mm (1.1") soft dome tweeter are used in each of the
two channels. At 120 cm (47”) tall and 41 cm (16”) wide, the Art.Engine
is a floor standing audio system designed to be placed against the
wall. Ideal for home and office use to replace a conventional HiFi

Primary signal input is wireless streaming of music files or radio via iTunes®
(free downloadable software) running on any computer (PC or Mac) with
wireless functionality. The Art.Engine may also be used with
conventional line level sources such as CD players, tuners, iPods and
most other portable devices, via RCA input jacks (accessory cables

Frequency Response:

40 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 3 dB

200 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 1 dB

Maximum Sound Pressure:

110 dB @ 1M

Speaker Compliment(each channel):

Low/Mid: 8 X 75mm (3”) wide-range, long stroke carbon fiber (magnetically shielded)

Treble: 1 X 28mm (1.1”) soft dome with Neodymium motor (magnetically shielded)


Four 200 Watt Discrete Digital Amplifier Modules

Amplifier Operating Class:

Enhanced Performance PWM Class D

Signal/Noise Ratio:

> 110 dB

Input Voltage Sensitivity:

1 Volt

Input Impedance:

Analog Input – 10k Ohms

Signal Connections:

Wireless input requires 802.11 WiFi enabled
computer. Analog wired connection via side mounted RCA jacks. Input mode
selectable via side mounted precision input signal switch. Signal input
controlled with rotary volume attenuator.

Input Power Connection:

10 Amp IEC, 3 Pin Grounding. Front Mounted Master Power Switch.

Input Power Requirement:

110 – 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. Power Supply is Auto Switching.

Status Indicators:

Four Front Panel Mounted LED Master Power Indicators

Side Panel Mounted Multi-Color LED Wireless Status Indicator


CE Compliant




6061 T6 Machined Aluminum

Bonded Carbon Fiber Composite

Painted Part Finish:

Ferrari Inspired Paint & Clear Coat. Available
in Rosso Corsa red

Plated Part Finishes:

Bright Dip Clear Anodization

Black Anodization

Polished Chrome

22 Karat Gold


Height: 120.65 cm (47.5")

Width: 40.64 cm (16")

Depth: 16.19 cm (6.375") At Sides: 3.17 cm (1.25”) Deep

Base Plate:

Width: 45.72 cm (18”)

Depth: 33.02 cm (13")


48.63 kg (107.2#) Net (Product Only)

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