T+ACriterion TCD110SusedT+A Elektroakustic TCD 110S in upgraded GLOSS Macassar Ebony finishSunny Components Inc,Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 10.00am-6.00pm.Sat-10am-4pm Closed on Sunday and Monday.1370 E Cypress St Ste D,E Covina CA-91724 USATel: 626-966-6259. Fax: 626-966-5467. Cell: 626-975-135...7995.00

T+A Elektroakustic TCD 110S in upgraded GLOSS Macassar Ebony finish

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Package dimensions16.0" × 28.0" × 60.0" (110.0 lbs.)
16.0" × 28.0" × 60.0" (110.0 lbs.)
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We have a Store Demonstration Criterion TCD 110S for sale ! These speakers are packaged in original boxes. 

Speakers will be shipped by freight only. 

T+A was first a loudspeaker manufacturer, and their products are
extraordinary. This is the largest speaker in the TCD line-up which
features transmission line bass, and D'Appolito designs for the mid and
T+A found success with its speakers from the very start. In 1982 the
decision was made to develop a unique and truly ground-breaking
series of loudspeakers; distinctive speakers which were intended to
stand out from all other conventional units in terms of sound quality,
appearance and technology. We named this series CRITERION -
benchmark - and this marked the birth of one of the most successful
loudspeaker ranges in our industry. Since their introduction the name
of CRITERION has become a byword for unusually high-performance
loudspeakers equipped with unique and superior technologies, which
also offered extraordinarily good sound. TMR 160, T 160, TB 140, TAL
X1.1 and TS 300 are just a few examples of speakers which caused
tremendous excitement, and set new standards over a period of
many years. From the outset we have always placed tremendous importance
on top-quality sound and the latest technologies, and that
is why all our speaker ranges have enjoyed unusually long production
cycles; they remain more than competitive even after production has
stopped. The TCD series presented here now supersedes the TL range
after more than five years of production. We have no interest in the
usual annual round of “new products”; instead we don’t introduce a
new range until we are confident that our advances have resulted in
tangible improvements!
You can therefore be sure that our TCD series incorporates important
improvements and further developments in all aspects. Naturally
we have remained true to the unique and superior transmission-line
principle for our floor-standing speakers, but have once again succeeded
in enhancing the effectiveness of the line through our cabinet
design, which in turn has further lowered the lower cutoff frequency
and increased deep bass output.
The cabinets are based on an enclosed internal case to which the
substantial side panels - up to 30 mm thick - are permanently bonded.
This makes the cabinets very heavy as well as extremely rigid,
and totally eliminates resonance effects. The side panels are finished
in selected veneers of the very highest quality, with an option
of semi-matt or high-gloss lacquer, both harmonising perfectly with
the high-gloss top covers of black safety glass. The mid-range drivers
are housed in separate, airtight chambers which, together with the
transmission line guides, provide additional stiffening inside the cabinets.
The Criterion loudspeaker drive units are based on those used in
our High-End SOLITAIRE® series. The free air resonance of the bass
units is very low, making them very well suited to the bass-tuned
transmission lines. The net result is that even very low bass signals
at high levels are reproduced in an extremely clean, precise manner.
The speakers feature paired mid-range units of superb quality in the
D’Appolito arrangement, combined with Wave guide dome tweeters
- a completely new development - which exhibit precisely defined
radiation characteristics. This behavior is constant over the full
frequency range, and largely eliminates the influences of the listening
room. The Wave guide (sound guide) of our high-frequency
dome unit is accurately calculated, and ensures that the lateral
radiation characteristics match those of the mid-range units in the
transitional frequency range. This provides an enormous improvement
in the speakers’ imaging qualities and positional accuracy, enabling
them to reproduce the finest details with incredible definition
and transparency. These qualities explain the designation of our series:
T means Transmission-line and CD means Constant Directivity!
The TCD 110 S is the flagship of the CRITERION series, and reflects
in an exemplary manner the basic principles behind the three floorstanding
loudspeakers of the TCD series. Each model features two
special bass drivers, two mid-range units in the D’Appolito arrangement,
and a completely new kind of super-quality dome tweeter
with waveguide. The drivers employed are based on those fitted to
our SOLITAIRE® high-end speakers. The only differences between
the three floor-standers are their physical cabinet dimensions and
the size of the drive units employed.
The TCD 110 S is a large, fully developed, floor-standing transmission-
line speaker with a very long line. The two 26 cm bass units
are perfectly matched to the cabinet and the resonance frequency
of the transmission line, and generate an incredibly deep, precise,
high-pressure bass thanks to their extremely low natural resonance.
The loudspeaker’s transient response is superb even at
extreme levels; it also has a wide dynamic range and is devoid of
distortion. This is due to the refined design of the system as a whole:
hard, embossed cones, aluminium baskets with narrow struts
and very high excursion capability, ultra-powerful magnets and large,
high-performance coils. These drive units are also fitted to our
high-end SOLITAIRE® CWT 2000 loudspeaker!
Two 17 cm mid-range units and the waveguide high-frequency
dome form an acoustic unit which we have designated CD = Constant
Directivity. The mid-range units are ingenious designs which
effortlessly cover the full vocal range from 200 to 2200 Hz, while
their dynamic, lively nature creates an amazingly natural sound. The
same units are also fitted to the SOLITAIRE® CWT 2000. The use
of two mid-range drivers helps to optimise the speaker’s radiation
characteristics, as well as dramatically increasing their ability to
handle high levels, because the excursions required for each individual
driver are halved. The woven dome handles even the most
severe dynamic peaks in a swift, airy manner without any trace of
hardness or sharpness. On the one hand the large waveguide perfectly
links the unit’s radiation characteristics to those of the midrange
drivers, and at the same time causes a timing delay in the
tweeter response, providing a further improvement in transitional
behavior. The sophisticated double-sided three-way crossover
unit (FSR) is a no-compromise design, assembled using the finest
close-tolerance components for minimal losses. The circuits are
optimized for best possible transient and frequency response, and
effortlessly process even the highest signal levels, ensuring that
the three frequency ranges are matched perfectly to the drive units.
This component plays a crucial role in the superb imaging and radiation
qualities of the system as a whole.

Speakers are heavy and shall be packed in original boxes.
We have a vast variety of electronics to match these speakers.
Shipped via freight truck appox $450.00

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