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Audio Space 6m-300Bpp 21 watt 300B mono amps

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     Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST thru PayPal.

See our new Youtube channel at:

The Audio Space 6m-300Bpp is a very fine sounding 21 watt 300B push pull set of mono amps that competes with amps selling for way above their price range. They can also be used without a preamp as they have 2 inputs and a volume control on each amp. Now shipping in the all silver finish.

The price is for a pair of new amps.

This is a great design for 300B tube lovers who can't get away with a small 3-8 watt amp as it offers most of the SET performance with 4-9dB more output.

The 6M uses the 300B run in Push-Pull configuration for hi power. The input driver tubes are the 6SL7 and the 6SN7, both easily available. Audio Space uses hand selected Shuguang 300B tubes.

The potted power and output transformers as well as the power supply Pi filter are custom wound for Audio Space. High quality parts are used throughout including Nichicon caps, custom Audio Space caps. There is even an auto hum balance circuit that is quite unique and means there is no hum balance pot needed as in most of the competition.

In the Enjoy the Music review they summed up with:

" I can say without reservation that the time I spent with the Audio Space 6M 300Bpp was thoroughly enjoyable. The additional headroom this Push-Pull design provided was a welcomed addition to my system.

I found the sounds that came from these ultra-cool looking monoblocks to be very good. The 6M's presentation was clean and clear. Though sometimes lacking in lesser amps, the midbass reproduction coming from the Audio Space amps were more than ample for my Lowther PM2As. The highs were clean and extended without ever coming across as being ‘bright'. For those of you pushing big woofers, the low end is just what you'd expect from a quality Push-Pull design using very good transformers."

"As I look at the surrounding competition of the Audio Space amps, the 6M's fall towards the bottom of the pile when it comes to pricing. Considering the quality of parts, the solid design, the amplifiers aesthetics and finally the sound, frankly, I'm quite surprised. The vast majority of their competition is almost double and in some cases triple their cost. A quick Google search on a "Push-Pull 300B amplifier" brings up some rather large industry names, most of whom are considerably more expensive. Remember in this business, more money does not necessarily equate to better sound. More often it only means ‘different' sound, and as we all know, sound is a purely subjective issue."

"When all is said and done, I personally found the Audio Space 6M 300B pp amplifiers a true joy to live with. The slight reduction in soundstage when compared to a single ended triode design didn't diminish my thorough enjoyment of the amplifiers at all. Their resolution was very good. So good (in fact) that I didn't long to put my DRD's back into the system, and that's saying something."

"The other item I really enjoyed was the drastically increased headroom their 21 watts gave me. Never once did these amps run out of gas with my Lowthers. As many of you know, when you feed Lowthers some serious wattage, they can really come alive. They show exactly what they are made of. The dynamic peaks and infinite detail I experienced with the Audio Space 6M's will defiantly be missed."

"So, if you are in the market for a fine sounding Push-Pull 300B, you likely won't go wrong with the Audio Space 6M's. Properly mate them with the right speakers and you'll likely fall in love with these amplifiers. They are well worth checking out."

Read the entire review at:

Specs are below.

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Type: Stereo integrated amplifier

Tube Complement: two 300B. one 6SL7 and one 6SN7 per channel

Output Power: 21 wpc

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz (+/-2dB)

T.H.D.: less than 1%

Output Impedance: 4 ohm or 8 ohm

Input Sensitivity: 300mV/LINE IN, 670mV/DIRECT IN
Input Impedance 100Kohm

Signal to Noise Ratio: greater than 87dB

Dimension: 470w x 180d x 195h (in mm)
Weight 34lbs each unit

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