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Dynaudio Contour - Various Models - Stunning Ivory Oak - New In Box - Full Warranty!!! [Expired]

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Next Level HiFi has purchased the remaining Dynaudio Contour Ivory Oak inventory in North America to be able to offer an incredible opportunity for those seeking one of the finest loudspeakers at an incredible price with FULL WARRANTY.

The opportunity is only available to a limited number of products finished strictly in Ivory Oak.  This finish is just gorgeous and able to blend with almost any interior while subtly presenting Dynaudio's Scandinavian roots.  Simply gorgeous and a shame that this finish has been officially discontinued as it was simply to difficult to produce in large quantities.

The pricing structure for this one time opportunity is as follows:

-Dynaudio Contour 60 - Ivory Oak Finish - Pair: $10,000 Retail, Special Price: $7,000 - SOLD OUT!!

-Dynaudio Contour 30 - Ivory Oak Finish - Pair: $7,500 Retail, Special Price: $5,250 - TWO PAIRS REMAINING!!

-Dynaudio Contour 20 - Ivory Oak Finish - Pair: $5,000 Retail, Special Price: $3,500 - TWO PAIRS REMAINING!!

-Dynaudio Contour 25C - Ivory Oak Finish - Single: $3,500 Retail, Special Price: $2,450 - TWO REMAINING!!



For those not familiar Dynaudio recently updated their entire Contour product line with new ground-breaking driver, crossover, and cabinet technology creating a truly state of the art all new Contour loudspeaker family.  The results of this new technology are simply phenomenal and truly must be heard to appreciate.  We have all these models in stock at our brick and mortar facility in the western Chicago suburbs if you would like to schedule an audition.

Here is some information from Dynaudio's website:

When you get a Dynaudio Contour you’re up in the big leagues. You can see it from the craftsmanship; you can hear it in the performance. And everyone else can, too.

It’s been that way since 1989. The performance of the original Contour dropped jaws all over the world – and each update has done the same over the past 27 years.

Your jaw is about to drop again.

We’ve moved on since 1989. You’ve moved on, too. That’s why we’ve applied all our experience, all our expertise – and all our passion – to looking at what made the original so good... and then making it even better.

It’s time for a new legend. This is a speaker re-thought, re-designed, re-engineered and re-built for 2017.

This is Contour.

Four models. One single-minded obsession with uncovering the truth in your music. (Also, something that’ll make all your friends jealous.)

The Contour range takes everything we know about speaker technology – we’re Danes; we know a lot – and puts it in four clean and great-sounding packages. One for every room size (or, if you’re in a studio flat, one for every neighbour type).

They all use the sweet-toned Esotar2 soft-dome tweeter, which has been a legend in its own right for years. It’s commonly regarded as one of the world’s best-ever drivers – and because it’s been such a great friend to so many millions of ears (and a key part of Contours past), we just had to give it another outing.

Designed from the ground up
The woofers, though, are brand-new. They’re powered by lightweight aluminium voice-coils and a vented dual-ferrite magnet system, and were created by driver specialists Danny Pasfall Christensen and Andreas Eberhardt Sørensen and their team under acoustic maestro Daniel Emonts. (They can hear differences between alternative glues. We love those guys.)

They’re made from MSP – a material we developed ourselves, and have been using in our drivers since 1985. MSP gives exactly the right combination of stiffness and damping – which you’ll hear as exactly the right combination of power, finesse and control. Just what a Contour speaker should have. But we’ve taken it further: we’ve varied the diaphragm’s thickness across its surface for even greater control over its sound.

The Contour 60 has a completely new 15cm midrange driver. Like the rest of our drivers it uses an aluminium voice-coil. It also uses a neodymium magnet system, and was designed using Finite Element Method optimisation techniques. We wanted the Contour 60 to retain that signature midrange sound in a large cabinet, without having to repurpose an existing driver for a job it wasn’t designed to do.

Solid aluminium baffle
At Dynaudio we feel there’s always room for improvement – and our designers love to stretch their legs (you should see the number of sketches they produced for just this part). This baffle is aluminium, and set into the cabinet. Its chamfer is included in the driver’s basket – which not only looks great, but also improves the treble and provides a solid foundation for the drivers to do their work. A solid foundation means improved high-volume performance at low frequencies, too (although your neighbours might not thank us for that).

And although we might have changed the cabinet’s shape (square is out; curves are in), the new design tips a respectful nod to older Contours. Look at it from the top; you’ll see the previous baffle design in its shape. But it isn’t just for show – the new shape marries those aesthetics with cutting-edge physics. Its multi- layered construction is extremely well-damped, which means the Contour’s sound goes exactly where it’s supposed to: forwards.

We’ve redesigned the internal wiring and crossover, too. You won’t see what we’ve done, but you’ll hear the effect: amazingly clear sound, even off to the sides of the speakers. We love it – and you will, too.

And, of course, they all use high-quality materials and finishes. Our factory technicians make sure all Contours are furniture-grade: perfectly built, perfectly finished and perfectly packaged.

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