Cardas AudioTonearm Rewire ServicenewCardas Audio Tonearm Rewire Service Rega OL Michell etc.This is one of the best cost effective ways to dramatically improve your analog system and at Britaudio we are the experts for tonearm rewire. Before you spend any more money on a new cartridge or ...159.00

Cardas Audio Tonearm Rewire Service Rega OL Michell etc. [Expired]

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This is one of the best cost effective ways to dramatically improve your analog system and at Britaudio we are the experts for tonearm rewire. Before you spend any more money on a new cartridge or any other upgrades have your arm rewired with Cardas OFC Litz wire and Cardas cartridge tags.

Now you can have your favorite Rega, OEM Rega tonearm professionally internally rewired (cartridge tags to arm base). Please note, this is internal rewire and does not include wiring from base of arm to phono plugs! Contact us for other arms.

We use OFC Cardas AWG 33 Litz wire and Cardas gold plated on brass cartridge tags. This is the same wire and tags as used by many upscale tone arm manufacturers. It is also the same wire/clips as used in our famous Incognito rewire kits.

The sound of the Cardas wire will greatly improve the whole presentation and reproduction of you treasured vinyl collection, smoother, deeper bass, clearer highs, wider soundstage, all in all a much more pleasant listening experience.

The low price of $159 includes insured return priority mail shipping in US for most arms. For very expensive arms or shipping to the West coast there may be additional shipping/insurance fees. Email for details giving zip code and insured value of your arm. For Canada add additional $30.

If your arm is not a Rega type such as Origin Live, SME, Schroeder, VPI-JMW, Black Widow, Linn Ittok, Well Tempered etc then internal rewire service will be from $199.

If you require a full internal/external rewire see our ad for Incognito or contact us as we can custom make a cable for your arm.

On all Rega/OEM based arms you can have a Cardas mini DIN plug installed at the same time for just $29. This will then allow you to use any external cable of your choice.

We also custom manufacturer headshell wires using Cardas wire and Cardas cartridge clips. Let us know what length you require and we will build them for you.


See what others had to say about our rewire service:

I had an accident where I pulled the posts and wires out of my tonearm.:o It was as broken as a tonearm could be and I was really freaked out.:( :mad: I checked with SME's East coast distributor and they told me to call Sumiko (SME's West coast distributor) for repair info. Sumiko told me I had to have the tonearm shipped back to England where they would repair the arm but that it was going to cost so much money for shipping and the repair that I may as well have them do the bearings, damping material, rewiring upgrade that SME does on the Series V tonearm. The problem is that the estimate was $1200 to $1800. Damn Sam I just spent a pretty penny on getting my Spectral pre refurbed and brought up to 2007 spec as well as just spent another hefty couple 'o' thou on a VTL preamp so that estimate friggin floored me. I started whinning to some fellow Polkies about my plight. Carl (schwarcw) directed me to Brit Audio where they specialize in rewiring tonearms. I shipped the tonearm. The owner of Brit Audio, Michael Wharton, received the tonearm Friday. He rewired it with Cardas tonearm wire and shipped it back to me Monday morning. I had it back by Wednesday. He did a spectacular job and the best part of it is, it cost me $149 shipped. He examined the bearings and cleaned up the tonearm as well as rewiring it. Great, quick service and he continues to answer my silly questions. I highly recommend this fellow and his service.

Michael, WOW!!! I was not expecting you to repair the arm so quickly, especially being the weekend and so close to Christmas. I also remember when I purchased the arm you went above and beyond to give me awesome service. This is how customer service is done! Is there anywhere I can leave feedback about your exceptional service? Your website perhaps? Thanks again, you are the best! Best regards, Bruce

Hi Michael, I got the arm today and got it mounted back on my SOTA and it sounds just grand. I have no idea how you fixed it, but it works just perfectly. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found you and your excellent service. Thanks a million! Mark

Michael, I just wanted to let you know that I installed my tone arm last Friday, mounted my Shelter 501, and listened to vinyl for about 3 hours that night/Saturday morning (much to my wife's and second daughter's chagrin). I was listening to some really old records in my collection (I'd say 30 to 35 years old), plus some new 180 gram pressings (Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd). I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with the Cardas upgrade. It more than put new life into my vinyl listening. It brought out such detail and so much more in the way of music than I've ever heard before. While I thought I had a pretty decent/high end system with the P7 and my Benz Glider, I've never obtained this much information from my albums. So, thanks for getting the upgrade done so quickly. I know that I will have many, many, many more listening sessions like I did the other night. Sincerely,
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