Axiom AudioAS-W22usedAxiom Audio EP500 v3 SubwooferMillennia EP500 V3 Subwoofer This Subwoofer is part of a vacation home setup very lightly used. It won numerous awards including Product of the Year Award from Audioholics: https://www.audiohol...248.00

Axiom Audio EP500 v3 Subwoofer [Expired]

no longer for sale

Millennia EP500 V3 Subwoofer

This Subwoofer is part of a vacation home setup very lightly used.  It won numerous awards including Product of the Year Award from Audioholics: 
Condition is great with a few marks on the side and bottom.  Original owner.  

The Axiom EP500 is large: 19.5"H x 15"W x 19.5"D. I like the fact that it’s only 15" wide, which increases your placement options. It’s a heavy beast at 70 pounds -- more than its size would indicate. The EP500 has a 12" aluminum cone with a huge magnet and a 3" dual voice coil, with which it can move a lot of air. The woofer is front-firing, with a large rectangular downward-firing port. The cone and port are covered by a removable grille.

There are many ways of connecting the EP500, most commonly with an RCA input from the LFE output of a receiver or processor. Another way is to attach it to your receiver’s speaker outputs. One clue to me that Axiom means serious business with this sub is the inclusion of balanced (XLR) input and output connections. XLRs are usually seen only on multikilobuck amplifiers and processors; Axiom evidently expects the EP500 to find its home in a high-end home-theater system.

The EP500’s controls are as comprehensive as on any subwoofer I’ve seen. There is a volume level control, a phase switch that toggles between 0 and 180 degrees, and a crossover control variable from 40Hz to 100Hz, or able to be bypassed altogether. One item not normally seen on a sub is a USB port. Axiom sells a lamp that can be plugged in here so you can see what you’re doing while adjusting the controls in the dark during a movie. The port can also serve as a means of upgrading the DSP algorithm, should there be a need to do so.

Axiom calls its DSP chip the XLF (for eXtreme Low Frequency). The DSP software exerts tight control over the cone’s movements so that it can’t be overdriven by the amplifier and distort. The EP500’s digital amplifier, rated at 500W, is coupled to an analog power supply, used instead of a digital switching supply because the analog supply has more headroom. According to Axiom, this permits the digital amplifier higher dynamic power peaks, thus reducing distortion even further.

The EP500’s other unique control is its Trim adjustment, with settings for Remote, Flat, Half, Full, and Load. Remote would work through the USB port to allow for future external remote control of the subwoofer. Flat means that the subwoofer will not boost the LFE signal in any way. Half means that the subwoofer will boost the bass signal above 33Hz in an attempt to even out the bass in a smaller room. Full does the same as Half, but boosts the signal more. Finally, Load allows Axiom to access the DSP for troubleshooting and uploading new firmware.

The EP500 Axiom sent me was finished in a handsome Boston cherry finish. Other standard finishes are black ash, Mansfield beech, and light maple. Also available are myriad custom finishes, though these cost more.

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