PS AudioBHK PreamplifiernewPS Audio BHK Preamplifier Superb NEW tube preamp-Stereophile Class A RatedAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal Free freight in the lower 48 states Great trades available Clearance Sale in Progress-Call for pricing...3500.00

PS Audio BHK Preamplifier Superb NEW tube preamp-Stereophile Class A Rated [Expired]

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      Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

           Free freight in the lower 48 states

                  Great trades available

    Clearance Sale in Progress-Call for pricing

        One of the best sounding tube preamps made, regardless of cost.

     Easily our best sounding preamp in the price range

              Class A rated in Stereophile

       One 10/10 perfect trade-in available-Call to discuss at 770-667-5633

In the new review they summed with: "PS Audio and King have come out with two of the best amplifiers (BHK preamp and BHK stereo power amp) I have ever had the opportunity to listen to. The BHK Signature pre and the BHK 250 power amp have unique sonic qualities that please not only the ears and brain, but also, I dare say, touch the soul. Reproduced music in one’s home has seldom been as enjoyable as when these were in mine.

Unlike most of the upper echelon of hi-fi, the prices of these Signature products are sane and within reach of audiophiles who seek great products without worrying about brand hierarchy or prestige."

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Introducing one of the most remarkable musical instrument values in the audio world, the BHK Signature Pre-amplifier. This exceptional vacuum tube preamplifier opens up the music and reveals nuances, life and space not previously heard on your system. It is the perfect interface between your sources and power amplifier. Designed by Bascom H. King, the BHK Signature distills Bascom’s 50 plus years of high-end audio design experience into a single masterpiece of audio amplification. “This is the best sounding preamplifier I have ever designed or heard,” and that’s saying a lot for a man of Bascom’s experience.

High build quality in Boulder CO with:
- High current oversized transformer
- Discrete hand-selected components
- Zero loss vacuum tube input stage
- Resolution perfect volume and balance controls
- Balanced circuit topology
- Extended bandwidth and subterranean bass
- Input naming
- Polarity control


  • Zero-loss vacuum tube input stage
  • User accessible switch allows both 12 volt and 6 volt tubes to be used
  • Differentially coupled balanced MOSFET output stage
  • All through hole construction (no surface mount parts)
  • PRP resistors in signal path
  • 5 RCA Single ended inputs
  • 5 XLR balanced inputs
  • Single ended and balanced outputs
  • Single ended and balanced outputs can be used together or separate
  • Fully balanced input to output
  • High current oversized power transformer
  • Fully regulated power supplies using BHK designed MOSFET discrete voltage regulators
  • Full BHK designed zero feedback, discrete MOSFET headphone stage
  • Remote control
  • Front panel standby button for vacuum tube stage
  • -3dB greater than 200kHz
  • Volume and balance through a revolutionary new combination of gain and attenuation control
  • Two output DC control triggers
  • Easy access to tubes if you want to roll with different ones
  • Each input can be configured as a HT bypass

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Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback & call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order.
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