Genesis Advanced TechnologiesGR-180usedGenesis Advanced Technologies GR-180 "World-Class" Class D Amplification!Reference-Level Class-D Amplification! Includes: the Acoustic Suspension Stand & External Power Supply **PLEASE NOTE: this GR-180 is RCA/UNBALANCED ONLY model. No XLR/balanced inputs - ONLY RC...2600.00

Genesis Advanced Technologies GR-180 "World-Class" Class D Amplification! [Expired]

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Reference-Level Class-D Amplification! Includes: the Acoustic Suspension Stand & External Power Supply 
**PLEASE NOTE: this GR-180 is RCA/UNBALANCED ONLY model. No XLR/balanced inputs - ONLY RCA**
This is *by far* the finest digital amp we have ever heard! It may be the BEST solid state amp we've heard, period. All the resolution, dynamics, and low noise of the best solid state designs with the finesse and utter musicality of the finest tube gear.    
Technical Details   
•The Genesis Reference Amplifier challenges the status quo of music amplifiers by marrying the advantages of tube (imaging, soundstage, and portrayal of tonal colors) with solid state (control, dynamics and accuracy). To achieve this, we had to develop some ground-breaking technologies. The GR-180 features "Dynamic Power Delivery Supply (DPDS)" technology     
•The Genesis DPDS is designed to deliver current into a non-linear, dynamic musical load, leading to a sense of power with finesse. The result is that the Genesis Reference Amplifier has the dynamics, extension and drive of high-power transistor amplifiers without the muscle-bound sound, and the elegance, emotion and tonal colors of flea-powered single-ended triode tube amplifiers without being weak or flaccid. Acoustic Syspension System    
•The Genesis Reference Amplifier comes with an acoustic suspension system that isolates the amplifier from floor or structure borne vibrations. Designed like the suspension system of a race car, the acoustic suspension is made of an acrylic suspension frame, neoprene shock absorbers tuned to the weight of the amplifier module, and steel spikes to anchor the suspension frame to ground. The Acoustic Suspension System is also available as an optional upgrade to the Maximum Dynamic Headroom Reservoir.    

Other Features    
•A grounded Faraday Cage chassis for RFI and EMI rejection improves micro-dynamics and tonal colors and contrast.   
•Balanced components, in the push and the pull parts of the power supply, and having critical components toleranced to less than +/- 1% results in a sense of aliveness and ease in the music.   
•Special circuitry to keep things warm without wasting a lot of electricity means that your system is ready for you to listen to whenever you are.   
Technical Specifications
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50kHz, +0dB / -3dB Power Bandwidth: 18Hz to 36kHz Output Power: (1% THD 4 ohm) 180 watts or 360 watts depending on configuration Distortion: (20Hz to 35kHz) 0.015% Input Impedance: (balanced) 100k Ohm Damping: (4ohm) 2,000 min Gain: 26dB Peak Output Current: Limited to 20 amps after 40ms Inputs: Single-ended RCA Ouputs: ETI CablePods   

Dimensions and Weight
•Amplification module: 17.5" x 3.4" x 13" ( 23lb ) •Power module: 9 " x 4.5" x 11.8" ( 32lb ) •Acoustic Suspension: 18.5" x 1.4" x 14" ( 5lb )


•Amplification module: Metallic silver solid steel chassis with long-grain brushed aluminum face plate.
•Acoustic Suspension System: Clear Acrylic.
•Power module: Matte black solid steel chassis.   

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