Silversmith AudioPalladiumusedSilversmith Audio Palladium 4.5 ft XLR Interconnect cablesMake me a reasonable offer! This is a cable rarely seen for sale online. Reviewers and owners alike commonly view Silversmith cables as the most musical cables ever made - the best in every aspect ...2900.00

Silversmith Audio Palladium 4.5 ft XLR Interconnect cables [Expired]

no longer for sale

Make me a reasonable offer! This is a cable rarely seen for sale online. Reviewers and owners alike commonly view Silversmith cables as the most musical cables ever made - the best in every aspect of audio reproduction. This cable hands down outperforms the Nordost Odin, Transparent Opus, and all other multi-$10k cables (Kubala Sosna, MIT, Siltech, Crystal, etc) yet is a 1/10 the price. This is your rare opportunity to get an ex-dealer demo cable at an incredible discount. Original aluminum flight case is included. An excerpt from Stereo Times: While I was expecting a positive first reaction to the Palladiums, I was in no way prepared for the startling affect the Palladiums would impart on my system. Typically, the inclusion of a new set of competitive wires will create some shift in the sonic picture from what came before, perhaps revealing or emphasizing different aspects of the performance - greater dynamics, deeper bass, lightening or darkening of the tonal balance, etc. The Palladium’s taken together as a full cabling system, however, wiped the canvas almost completely clean and rendered a new composition. Nearly every aspect of the sonic picture, top to bottom, front to back and left to right, had been exposed as being in one way or another touched by the distortions of previous cables. While I had a very positive experience as a result of the Palladium’s beguiling neutrality, I would imagine that some could not. If you have been using wire as some sort of system equalizer, and let’s face it, we all have, the Palladiums may cause a case of severe upgrade whiplash. If your components exhibit any, and I mean any sonic failings, the Palladiums will leave them utterly exposed in a way that is impossible to deny. The Palladiums are truly the anti-tone controls of the wire world. In my system, for example, the Palladium’s neutrality further exposed each components weakness without adding any of its own signature to compound the problems. From the Jeff Rowland Coherence’s slightly softened low-end definition and dynamics to the Rowland 302’s rising upper-midband and lower treble, each component was rendered as more of itself than ever. On the positive side, the good in each component was further revealed and allowed to shine through, creating on balance, a huge slice of sonic Heaven. The synergy of the system brought about by the Palladiums is undeniable. Music was as liquid and as grainless as can be. Lightning quick transients are presented without any unnatural exaggeration whatsoever. Dynamic ease, jarring explosiveness, tonally rich yet supremely transparent and revealing, the Palladium’s bring about a cohesiveness that we all speak too, yet rarely fully achieve. Like a live musical event, the Palladium’s bring together all of these typically mutually exclusive traits harmoniously, and in equal part. Needless to say, the exact opposite is true when the recording is poor. Flat has never sounded flatter, compressed has never sounded more restricted and so on. I realize most these claims are made over and over in reviews. The Palladium’s redefine these proclamations and sets the bar impossibly high. Typically, I would site sections of any given disc to illustrate these particular points. Yet this is one of those rare occasions when that exercise is rendered insignificant. On disc after disc, imaging, frequency extension, dynamics, truth in timbre, and vast amounts of space are all injected with such a heightened realism and obviousness. After a very short time, all I could do was just sit there, shaking my head in amazement.