Dignity AudioPPT-50newDignity Audio PPT-50 AC power purity transformerOn sale is one new Dignity Audio PPT 50 purity transformer. This is a audio grade transformer which is designed to reduce the noise from the electricity. This transformer good for any CD player, ...150.00

Dignity Audio PPT-50 AC power purity transformer [Expired]

no longer for sale

On sale is one new Dignity Audio PPT 50 purity transformer.  This is a audio grade transformer  which is designed to reduce the noise from the electricity. This transformer good for any CD player, DAC and Haedphone-amp  which specified the power consumption of 50 watts.

This transformer has been sound tested with an Esoteric X-05, the scene was bigger, more space, focus, detail, extended on both end, less noise and less edge.

This transformer doesn't need any kick in time, I can hear the differences right after I turned it on.

This transformer already had received some good feedbacks, please check.

We also have PPT-120 (120w) and PPT-240 (240w) are available. Please contact us if you are interested.

Buyer pays all shipping.

Two weeks satisfaction warranty. Refund will be the price of the transformer only.

Insurance is optional.   

For international customers, please contact us before any offer.

NEW YORK residents subject to an 8.875% sales tax.

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Review : 10/28/2017


Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to share that I have in for review a product from Dignity Audio out of Hong Kong that is imported by TAS Audio located in Brooklyn NY. TAS Audio is owned/run by Allan who's a good guy and offers great products at very reasonable prices.
The product in for review is called the PPT-50 (power purifier transformer) which only can deliver around fifty watts, therefore you only use it with pre-amps, CD players, and DACS, not power amplifiers.  It weighs around 2 pounds and has a nice black case with the on switch on the front plate and on the back plate one outlet for the power cord to your piece and another for the power cord to the wall socket. 
I found more impact when I put it on the Micro-ZOTL, using Audio Archon power cords, then my CF-010 DAC. It added a touch of more air around individual players, a slightly larger sound-stage with more space between players, and added a smidgen of image density.  It did no harm, but added on these postive changes.  Not a sonic earthquake, but when I took it out I missed what it was doing and put it back in.
Now, the PPT-50 costs a whopping $150.00 plus shipping, with a two week trial period!  I have spent more on NOS tubes with less of a positive change.  I have a hunch, since my pre-amp and DAC are tube based the positive changes I heard might be even greater if your front end is solid state. Either way I'm keeping mine because of what I shared above.
As stated before the Elf's and DI's are conduits, so any changes upstream will be easily heard through them. Highly recommended!

Feedback, 11/04/17:

Excellent seller. Prompt delivery. Product arrived in good shape and as descibed. 


Feedback, 01/03/18:

Alan is a total gentlemen and a delight to do business with. Everything I have purchased from him, I'm a repeat customer, has been excellently packed, sent in a timely way, and the gear he sells is high qualit.


Feedback, 01/12/17:

Alan is a class act. Item was shipped perfectly and arrived fast. I would do business again with tas_audio in a heartbeat.


Feedback, 02/21/17:

As usual, Alan and TAS Audio really took care of me. Item exactly as described and fast shipping. Could not be happier! Thanks again