ZYXUltimate 100usedZYX Ultimate  100 Great Opportunity 30% offDear friends, You loved Fuji. You loved Yatra. You loved R100. You will love Ultimate R100 even more!! in particular, at lower everyday pricing. We are announcing new ZYX Ultimate se...1395.00

ZYX Ultimate 100 Great Opportunity 30% off [Expired]

no longer for sale

Dear friends, 
You loved Fuji. You loved Yatra. You loved R100.
You will love Ultimate R100 even more!!   
in particular, at lower everyday pricing.    
We are announcing new ZYX Ultimate series. For a list of new products, please check out our website. Most pricing are TBD, about same as in Japan, and similar to the classic models that we are discontinuing.    
New technology. New design. GREAT SOUNDWorld First C-1000 Carbon Cantilever in Moving Coil Cartridge!     
This ad is for a demo model with less than 20 hours on it.
We are phasing out the classic models gradually at substantial discounts. Few models and units are left. Please contact SORAsound for details.   

Ray Seda of Dagogo:  "On LP’s with more of a live setting, such as Peter Gabriel’s superbly engineered LP, New Blood which features arrangements of Peter Gabriel performing his songs accompanied by a 46-piece orchestra, the Yatra truly earned its mettle. For instance, on the track “Rhythm of the Heat,” the purity and disarming calm of Peter Gabriel’s voice and piano soon lead to a full orchestral crescendo and Tympani strikes that transcend anything I have heard from my vinyl playback system. In fact, the ZYX Yatra delivered the goods on this album time and time again, providing outstanding dynamics and clarity while also being expressive and balanced when reproducing the strings and brass.      

On quieter tracks such as the classic “Don’t Give Up,” the Yatra delivers Peter’s voice, the bass line, and the unique qualities of Ana Brun’s vibrato –laced voice with so much emotion, expressiveness, and dimension, that it most definitely was one of those goose-bump moments."  

Arthur Salvatore, high-endaudio.com: “The ZYX [R100 Fuji] is also the purest and cleanest cartridge I’ve heard. Its sense of delicacy is without equal for me, especially in the high frequencies, which appear to have unlimited extension. Its tracking ability is outstanding, not only retaining its purity, but also its separation of instruments during loud, demanding passages.” 

Scot Markwell, music.com: “The R100H renders music’s foundation, be it orchestral, jazz, big band, or pop/rock, with a weight, precision, and realism that defies almost all others…..”  

Please note we only sell in North America, Mexico and The Americas.


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ZYX UNIverse - world exclusive. 

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