GeddesAbbeyusedGeddes Abbey Incredible speakers DIY opportunityUp for sale are my dream speakers in kit form about 90% finished. Selling at a big loss. I bought these from another audiophile a couple years ago with plans to finish them. Life has b...1800.00

Geddes Abbey Incredible speakers DIY opportunity [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale are my dream speakers in kit form about 90% finished. 
 Selling at a big loss. 
 I bought these from another audiophile a couple years ago with plans to finish them. 
Life has been too busy between family and starting a business so now I offer them for sale. This is an incredible opportunity for the right buyer. 
These are DIY. All drivers and crossover components are brand new and incredible quality. 
See details from original seller ad. 
 "I have for sale a kit to make a pair of Dr. Geddes' acclaimed Abbey speakers. The speaker boxes are 90% done but I moved and lost my shop just before finishing as can be seen in the photos which is why I am selling. I have some *serious* sweat equity in these but my loss is your gain. This kit comes with the B&C DE250 drivers, the B&C 12TBX100 woofers, the cross-over network schematic (pretty sure I have all the cross over components on hand too), the foam plugs (from Geddes himself) and the near finished boxes (including the fiberglass waveguides purchased from Geddes). In all, everything you need to get them up and running, you just have to take over the final stages of finishing the boxes. What it takes to finish the boxes: 1) I originally had intended to do a variation on the above kit with using AE Lambda TD12M apollo woofers. The driver cutout was for the AE drivers. The B&C drivers are just a hair larger and will not quite fit. There are a number of ways of fixing this without too much trouble but I didn't get to it before I lost my shop. [ I can explain the ways in person but too much to type here.] 2) Needs the final stage of finishing. I have done *many* coats of filler and primer, but to my perfectionist eye, it needs one last skim coat of water putty on the side seams, final coat of primer, sand then spray. Its pretty darn close, but spraying a glossy finish shows any imperfection. 3) the crossover/driver access door on rear has been cut, but needs to be cosmetically polished and mounted. Then wire up the crossover, and hook everything up. Voila!" 
 Here is the additional progress I made since buying this kit: 
 -I worked on opening up the speaker cabinet woofer opening. It is very close to done. 
 -I bought very high end crossover parts to complete this speaker project. 
 -I ordered professionally built custom speaker stands specifically designed for Gedlee Abbey speakers. These are made by a master cabinet maker and came out really well and will be a great match to these speakers. The stands have a few areas that need to be touched up with black paint. 
 The buyer will need to be comfortable with the finishing work as well as the crossover assembling and wiring required to finish the project. 
They will be state of the art once complete. 
Serious buyers only. Please only contact me if you are serious about buying now. 
Local Pick up but may be willing to meet the right buyer in a reasonable driving distance of Southeast Michigan. 
 Please check my feedback and track record on Audiogon for many years.
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