Synergistic ResearchEnigmAusedSynergistic Research EnigmA Tubed power supply for active shielding - RARE - (see pics)!STOP - READ THIS. If you want the fastest response, please call or email us to purchase or ask questions. We can be reached at 1-800-352-5007 or [email protected] RARE! Dealer Demo - Synergi...1695.00

Synergistic Research EnigmA Tubed power supply for active shielding - RARE - (see pics)! [Expired]

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STOP - READ THIS.  If you want the fastest response, please call or email us to purchase or ask questions. We can be reached at 1-800-352-5007 or [email protected]. 

RARE! Dealer Demo - Synergistic Research EnigmA Tubed Power Supply for Active Shielding. 

What is the Enigma?  The Enigma is a system-wide power supply for active shielding that uses tube rectification instead of transistors.  If you are familiar with the Transporter, it is the tube version of this.  It can be used on most any SR actively shielded cables, tranquility bases & power cords.  It can power up to 20 cables (& tranquility bases) as well as 12 power cords.  It replaces up to 32  MPC's!     

What makes the EnigmA unique:
  • It can power an entire system of Actively Shielded SR cables
  • It uses tube rectification instead of transistors
  • It is much different sounding than MPC's & Transporter 

What's the difference in sound vs. MPC's & the Transporter?  By using tube rectification in the active shielding circuit, it provides a very liquid, textured & dense soundstage.  Voices & instruments are *VERY* realistic sounding.  It is extremely organic and natural sounding w/ tons of tonal color & texture.  A must have for any full-blown SR system w/ actively shielded cables!  Probably the single most exotic component SR has ever manufactured.  And being the world's largest SR dealer, we sold most of these units! 
This unit was used in our store the past couple of years.  Very nice condition as photos show. Includes: (10) Active interface leads (1.25m) , (5) active power cord leads (1.25M), (2) power cords, original box & packaging. 

Why take risks.. buy from a reputable audio dealer!

We are Synergistic Research's largest & most knowledgeable dealer in the world! Call us for all things SR!
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