KrellCipher newKrell Cipher SACD player, new in silver with full factory warrantyFactory sealed, full five year warranty. We have purchased all of Krell's Cipher cd players. We are new authorized Krell dealers since the early 1990's Dozens of o...5999.00

Krell Cipher SACD player, new in silver with full factory warranty [Expired]

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Factory sealed, full five year warranty.   We have purchased all of Krell's Cipher cd players.   We are  new authorized Krell dealers  since the early 1990's Dozens of other Krell pieces available.   We also have a used black with one year warranty for $5000 as of 11/19
This model is Krell's current, top of the line, current model  SACD player, $12000 USA retail. These will be drop shipped to you directly from the factory in silver only.    Add 3.5% for USA credit cards or PayPal or 4.5% for international based customers.  No extra charge for bank transfers.

Featuring an advanced disc drive and coupled to the latest Krell digital and analog output circuitry, the Krell Cipher delivers the ultimate performance from today's highest resolution source material. Every performance enhancement is incorporated to retrieve the most accurate signal from SACD and CD music titles. Isolated mechanically from the underlying chassis, the drive mechanism utilizes composite mounts to minimize vibration induced errors. Special sound dampening material is strategically placed inside the unit to minimize mechanical resonances even further. Krell customized disc drive firmware enhances reading accuracy, drive mechanics, and operational parameter. As an ultimate final step, the separate SACD and CD laser heads are individually calibrated by hand for the precise output levels required for reference quality SACD and CD playback.



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