Acoustic TechnologiesCL-MRE-100newAcoustic Technologies CL-MRE-100 Classic Series Speakers NEW Pair Mahogany $2,450 RetailThis listing is for a new pair of mahogany red satin floor standing Acoustic Technologies Classic-Series speakers. Their uniqueness is unbeatable; a full range, single-driver loudspeaker with a lar...399.00

Acoustic Technologies CL-MRE-100 Classic Series Speakers NEW Pair Mahogany $2,450 Retail [Expired]

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This listing is for a new pair of mahogany red satin floor standing Acoustic Technologies Classic-Series speakers. Their uniqueness is unbeatable; a full range, single-driver loudspeaker with a large-scale, valuable sound. Original retail on these was $2,450. We have several pairs available as a factory closeout.  


The non plus ultra for music lovers and audiophiles are loudspeakers capable of precisely reproducing the sounds of musical instruments and voices as they were recorded. Most loudspeakers rely on electronic circuits and multiple drivers, each dedicated to a limited frequency range, to attempt accurate reproduction of original sound recordings. Unfortunately, every additional circuit and driver introduces some amount of unwanted interference and distortion, potentially degrading the reproduction of the original sound recording.   


Acoustic Technologies, LLC, launched its Classic-Series single-driver loudspeakers at the 2009 CES in Las Vegas and has since then attended AK Fest 2009 and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 and the 2010 CES. The Classic -Series loudspeakers have received an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors: Don Shaulis - The Stereo Times - The Complete Audiophile Magazine -       "Music from the Classic speakers was full-bodied and holographic." [...] Off-axis listening was some of the best I have heard. [...]

Readers should be aware of the intrinsic limitations of a single-driver design. Superb cohesion is the prize but the sacrifices are less extension at the extremes. I won't try to convince you that the Classics plumb the depths on bass or capture the full magic of violins. The vast majority of speakers cannot lay those claims (legitimately). And some that do only end up being painful to listen to with room thudding bass or piercing highs and that being at multiples of the price of the Classics. What I was listening for with the Classics was a speaker that could reproduce the essence of the music and move hearts and feet. The Classics easily delivered on that promise. [...]     


All speakers make compromises and certainly the Classics were no exception. But I did not find them objectionable. I was too busy thoroughly enjoying the music. Many speakers can capture the basic core of music. But the Classics did not capture it; they set it free. Music had life and presence that made me feel like I was there. Unlike many more costly speakers, the Classics get out of the way of the music. In another sense, they get out of the way period since they are so room-friendly and beg to be listened to off-axis. Although they perform very well in a small listening room, they also thrive in modern, open-architecture living areas. In short, these speakers are for real-world listening conditions."      



  • Realistic 3D sound staging

  • Small profile

  • Low power consumption

  • No sweet spot

Specifications: Type: Full range, 3" single driver loud speaker Driver: 3" w/ titanium cone Internal Wiring: Solid silver (99.99% Purity) Binding Posts: Gold-plated copper Crossover/Filter: None Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms Rated Power Input: 15 Watts Maximum Power Input: 30 Watts Dimensions (H x W x D): 43.25 x 6.25 x 9.75 inches Net Weight: 35 lbs per speaker.     

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