New Audio FrontiersAbsolute Mk 3usedNew Audio Frontiers Absolute Mk 3For Sale: one New Audio Frontiers Absolute Mk 3 Preamplifier.This wonderful preamp is a natural fit for almost any single-ended tube amplification system. The preamp itself is also single-ended, ...5695.00

New Audio Frontiers Absolute Mk 3 [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale:  one New Audio Frontiers Absolute Mk 3 Preamplifier.

This wonderful preamp is a natural fit for almost any single-ended tube amplification system.  The preamp itself is also single-ended, and, it has NO traditional coupling capacitors in the output stage, because it is transformer coupled.  These hand wound transformers are indeed special because they are uniquely constructed with silver-plated copper wire windings, bringing a sense of ease and grace that is very rare, lively, and indeed special.  Moreover, the line stage utilizes a pair of 6SN7 tubes, enabling this preamp to fill the acoustic space with a vivid, immersive soundstage.  All together, the timbre and tone are lively and outstanding.  Moreover, it also has a very good MM phono stage for the phono enthusiast (see specs below).  If you use a low output MC cartridge, any high quality 3rd party ancillary phono step-up transformer (not included) can be utilized with great results.  This unit is a hefty 2 piece preamp, with a separate tube rectified power supply unit, weighing 30lbs, tethered with a 2-way detachable DC power umbilical cable to the 30lbs line stage unit.  Thus, the combined weight of these two 11” wide units weighs-in just over 60lbs.  This is the black body with copper faceplate combination, which is truly beautiful.  Also included are 2 sets of 6SN7 tubes:  one pair of NOS Tungsram 6SN7, and one pair of Tung-sol 6SN7.


I have reluctantly decided to part with this special preamp, due to a recent amplifier change.  I recently acquired a pair of unique, handmade solid-state monoblocks, which unfortunately requires a re-think for my preamplifier kit.


For more information, please review the website, reviews, and reputation of New Audio Frontiers. They use only top-shelf designs, parts, and construction.  Feel free to send me any questions, and I’ll try my best.


I am the first owner of this preamp.  I purchased it directly from importer Jeffrey Catalano of High Water Sound in NYC in May, 2016.   During the duration of my ownership, I have used it less than half of this time due to extended travel.  It is in great functional/operating condition, and I see no physical marks or blemishes on the unit.  I rate it a "9" on the Audiogon scale.  I have the original box, foam packing, owner's manual, tubes, IEC power cord, umbilical power cable, and volume remote control.  Retail price of this preamp in the USA at time of purchase was $11,000.


Shipping/Payment arrangements:

·       Buyer pays for actual shipping and insurance costs to their address.  I am open to FedEx or to buyer’s preferred shipping courier within the USA.

·       I will accept Certified Cashier's Check from Bank of America, cash (if local), or personal check from US bank (after it fully clears).

·       If the buyer would like to use PayPal, a 3% PayPal fee will be added after the final shipping and settled price is totaled.

·       Reasonable offers considered.  Lowball offers and zero/negative feedback members will be kindly ignored.  



100,000 Ohm Line Input impedance
1,000 Ohm Output impedance (steady at 1K Ohms across the frequency range)
Inputs:  4 RCA Line-level Inputs + 1 MM Phono (RCA)
Outputs:  2 x RCA Pairs
Phase:  Absolute (non-inverting)
Voltage Gain:  15dB 
Phono Sensitivity: 3.5mV / 47k Ohm
Line Stage Tubes:  2 x 6SN7, one per channel
Phono Stage Tubes: 2 x 12AX7/E83CC for each channel, followed by a single 12AU7/E82CC
Power Supply Rectifier Tube:  1 x 5Y3

120V mains IEC inlet voltage
Dimensions:  Line Stage Unit  -  28cm W x 15cm H x 40cm D
Dimensions:  Power Supply Unit -   28cm W x 15cm H x 40cm D
Net weight:  66 lbs   (30kg)
Shipping weight (1-box):  77lbs   (35kg)
Box Size:  29.5" W x 11.5" H x 22.5" D

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