LavardinITusedLavardin ITLegendary world class, solid state integrated amp. Rated at 55 watts, RMS, into 8 ohms, 85 watts into 4 ohms. Robust and dynamic. Exquisite, pure, pristine, and transparent sound. Some say, like...3000.00

Lavardin IT [Expired]

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Legendary world class, solid state integrated amp.  Rated at 55 watts, RMS, into 8 ohms, 85 watts into 4 ohms. Robust and dynamic.  Exquisite, pure, pristine, and transparent sound. Some say,  like tubes, but with pace and rhythm, and without the headaches and the distortion of tubes.

Built in France using novel, patented, proprietary "memory free" circuitry and reliable, highest quality components.  The performer is just there in space. The amp is silent, unobtrusive, and stealthy.  No tweaks needed.  Just plug it in and forget about it.
My main amp since 2009 and never a glitch.  I am the second owner and I am selling because I am downsizing and will be listening to music in the office instead of in the "great room".  I have sold the 96 dB Zingali speakers, that were used exclusively with this amp, and I no longer need such a flagship amp.  Local sales are preferred with a $200 discount off asking price.  Inspection and auditions by appointment are welcome, .

Reviews:  "extraordinary resolution"; "quick, clean, clear and quiet"; "flabbergasted"; "phenomenal resolution and clarity"; "sound that made music and lyrics intelligible"; "the IT shades dynamics just as precisely, at either end of the dynamic spectrum, and irrespective of volume."; "transistors that sound like valves."; and " discover layers of music that you never realized were there."

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For more reviews search:  "Lavardin Technologies" and "Lavardin IT".           

Design:  Minimalist-sound is first and foremost.  No remote, no headphone amp, no phono stage.  Four inputs actuated via sealed relays.  One set of tape out RCA's.  Volume and selector knobs are machined aluminum with machined indent. Volume knob is as smooth as silk. Off/on switch and indicator light are on the front panel. 
         Cosmetics:  10 mm thick anodized, brushed aluminum face-plate.  The case and top have the same finish, but are 3 mm thick.  The first 4 photos of the amp are taken under normal lighting conditions.  The last 4 photos of the amp are shot with high intensity halogen light to show the character of the brushed aluminum and any visual flaws. The lower right hand side, not front, of the face-plate is a lighter black and there are a couple white marks in that vicinity.  There are some tiny places on the fins where the black anodized coating is thin.  There are no scratches, dents or stains that I can see.  The photos accurately depict the appearance of the amp.  If you expect the exterior of the amp to be perfect, perhaps this amp is not for you.
         Specifications:  see photo. Includes Lavardin power cord with Furutech rhodium wall plug and manual.  Will gladly provide serial # upon request. Payment by PayPal or cash exchange at bank if preferred for local sale.  PayPal fee is additional charge to buyer.  I will only ship double boxed and insured.  Buyer pays shipping and insurance costs. 
All sales are final.  No warranty, express or implied.  Unit will not arrive DOA, unless damaged in shipping.  Buyer will co-operate with shipper's investigation of shipping damage.

Thank you for your interest.

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