Pass LabsXP-20 Two-Box PreampusedPass Labs XP-20 Two-Box Preamp Super-Clean Like-NewI bought this Pass XP-20 preamp from TMR Audio in Colorado in May 2015. A two-box design featuring a separate control unit and power supply, both units are in immaculate cosmetic condition and perf...4300.00

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Pass Labs XP-20 Two-Box Preamp Super-Clean Like-New [Expired]

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I bought this Pass XP-20 preamp from TMR Audio in Colorado in May 2015. A two-box design featuring a separate control unit and power supply, both units are in immaculate cosmetic condition and perfect working condition, never having required service - this preamp was installed into a custom butcher-block component shelf upon receipt and moved only once when I sold a piece of equipment and rearranged the components on the shelf. It has always been in a smoke-free, climate-controlled environment with ambient temperature of 66 F. / 19 C., and has also always been plugged into a PS Audio P5 power regenerator, which supplies regulated constant-voltage 115 V. A/C power to my front-end components at all times. The XP-20 is a current-production preamp (i.e., it is still manufactured by Pass). 
In taking photos, I found one small tick on the left edge of the control unit, as photographed in exaggerated form from two or three inches away in Picture #7. Picture #8 shows the same view, but from about 6 inches farther away - it is not visible at a distance, being very small.

As an elite solid-state linestage, the XP-20 is noteworthy for the following characteristics and features:
(i)  Having a fully differential balanced circuit and separate control unit and power supply, it could be expected to be very quiet, but it is unbelievably quiet and resolving (noticeably more quiet than the ultra-quiet and resolving battery-powered Rowland Cadence II preamp that was in my system for several years prior to my purchase of the XP-20 - if you have heard a master tape through a good pair of headphones, it has that kind of resolution).  
(ii) It throws a fully developed sound-stage and layers space beautifully, limited only by the recording (the stage can be seemingly INFINITE with good recordings), again being better than the Rowland and better than any of the tubed line stages I have owned in this regard.
(iii) It is "organic" and "fleshy" in the midrange like live music, not too much and not too little, with bass and treble performance likewise being just right. Typical of the best Pass gear and elite solid-state preamps, it absolutely does not sound "solid-state".    

(iv) It is easy to use and the display is easy to see from a distance, and it includes an excellent full-feature stainless-steel remote control.    

I'm selling because I have the chance to purchase a friend's $2 trillion dollar darTZeel preamp at a friendly price.

Included are the original factory double-box packaging, the umbilical cord to connect the control unit and power supply, the owner's manual, and the factory power cord.    

I will give preference to local buyers for local pick up (metro New York City), but will ship if necessary. I will consider selling to anyone, but I will only ship to an address in the continental U.S.  
I will split the cost of shipping. I accept only PayPal or wire transfers. 
Thank you.

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