Martin LoganDepthusedMartin Logan DepthMartinLogan Depth powered sub woofer: Sterephile said: Highly Recommended & my favorite Martin Logan product /// Specifications: Description: Powered, serv...700.00

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MartinLogan Depth powered sub woofer:

Sterephile said:

Highly Recommended & my favorite Martin Logan product /// Specifications:

Description: Powered, servo-controlled subwoofer using "BalancedForce Technology," in sealed enclosure. Drive-units: three 8" high-excursion aluminum-cone woofers with 1.5" push-pull voice-coils Frequency response: 20-150Hz, ±3dB.

Crossover: low-pass filter: 30, 35, 45, 55, 65, 80Hz (switched, de featable), 18dB/octave slope; high-pass filter: 40Hz, 70Hz (de featable).

Built-in amplifier: Signal-Sensing Auto on/off. 300W RMS (500W peak), class-D.

Inputs: 2 line-level (RCA), 1 LFE (RCA), 1 high-level pair per channel (4 speaker terminals: bare wire, banana plugs, or spade lugs).

Outputs: 1 pair line-level (RCA) for high-pass filter, 1 with no high-pass filter (for additional subwoofer). Rear-panel level controls: Phase (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees), Crossover (30, 35, 45, 55, 65, 80Hz), 25Hz (±12dB), Gain, Power (On/Off/Standby). Also included: AC cord, Energy Transfer Coupler (ETC) spikes.

Dimensions: 16.6" (422mm) W by 16.25" (413mm) H by 16.15" (410mm) D. Weight: 65 lbs (29.5kg).

Finishes: Piano Gloss, Granite black with aluminum trim (brushed black or clear anodized).
Serial number of unit reviewed: GEOJ039.
Price: $1795. Approximate number of dealers: 300. Warranty: 3 years, nontransferable.
Manufacturer: MartinLogan, Ltd., 2101 Delaware Street, Lawrence, KS 66046. Tel: (785) 749-0133. Fax: (785) 749-5320. Web:


Conclusions:  The MartinLogan Depth upset one of my longstanding prejudices. I'd been convinced that a subwoofer good enough to move a decent amount of air in my large listening room had to be big and expensive. Deep, shuddering pedal notes from pipe organs—notes that produce "room lock"—had previously been the domain of 3' cubes weighing more than 125 lbs.

Not so with the Depth. Somehow, MartinLogan has persuaded three small 8" drivers and an analog servo unit in a hexagonal cabinet to do the same job for less than $1800. This baby servo sub could move air, create pith-perfect bass, and blend well with such top-quality audiophile speakers as the Quad ESL-989 electrostatics.

I may, as my wife claims, be weird. I may love weird music. But the MartinLogan Depth's ability to reproduce bass is anything but weird. It can give any audiophile or home-theater owner the ability to enjoy powerful, tuneful, pitch-accurate bass in a standard or even large listening room. And that's from a small, easily installed hexagonal box that won't bust your back or your budget. Good work, MartinLogan, in delivering such impactful bass from the small, cost-effective, but mighty Depth.

Footnote 1: I'm sure neither manufacturer will be totally pleased that I borrowed a system from one of them to review the other's product. Still, the DD-18 calibrator showed me how important having such a tool is for properly matching any subwoofer to my rather challenging room. Those with smaller rooms—as most of you reading this article probably have—should be able to manage the Depth's setup without all the extra gear.—Larry Greenhill

Footnote 2: This may be due, in no small part to the fact that the Quad 989 has more bass extension than any previous Quad—it puts out lots of musical energy down to 40Hz. That permits an easier blend with an aftermarket sub.—Larry Greenhill

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