Synergistic ResearchGalileo UEF Speaker Cables usedSynergistic Research Galileo UEF Speaker Cables  8' pair with Jumpers !Authored Synergistic Research Dealer's Store Demo's like new Galileo UEF Speaker Cables, Terminated in Spade Sending & Spade Receiving.Also available separately we have available UEF SPEAKER L...6949.00

Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Speaker Cables 8' pair with Jumpers ! [Expired]

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Authored Synergistic Research Dealer's Store Demo's like new Galileo UEF Speaker Cables, Terminated in  Spade Sending & Spade Receiving.

Also available separately we have available UEF SPEAKER Leads / Bi Wire separate Jumpers) call for details: 

           The World’s Highest Performance Audio Cables:

My Highest recommendations. Weinhart Design's favorite Speaker cables & the highest recommendations of many of the top Reviewers, Music Lovers  & Audiophiles.

We allow highest trade in's imaginable, it is best to call for details.

Also available without the matching Bi Wire Jumpers $7,795.
Priced fair no low offers considered.

Active or Passive Grounding Block and all Synergistic Products available if your not supported by an Synergistic Research Dealer (call for details).

From Weinhart Design's Reference System.

Galileo UEF Speaker Cables:

From Synergistic Research.

Galileo UEF cables are hand crafted in our California factory and feature Uniform Energy Field geometries with pure silver and tungsten conductors, air dielectrics, graphene a near super conductor at room temperature and precious metal EM and UEF Cells encased in carbon fiber for resonance control. The absolute cutting edge of SR Technology is employed in these new cables making them easily the most natural and best sounding cables we’ve every manufactured.

Galileo UEF Speaker Cables:

New Galileo UEF Speaker Cables are the result of over 24 years of continual technological advancement, our absolute highest performing speaker cables to date. Hand made from Pure Mono Crystal Silver and Graphene in an Air Dielectric each pair takes two days to complete by hand in our California factory. State-of-the-art systems exhibit new levels of refinement, dynamics and holography. Available for immediate audition from your nearest authorized Synergistic Research dealer.

Each Galileo UEF Speaker Cable features 10 UEF isolated geometries running in parallel through 2 Uniform Energy Field Cells comprised of precious metal foils with Teflon and Japanese Silk dielectrics. Each speaker cable is voiced with (2) separate UEF Tuning Circuits for a total of 3 individual tuning options for perfect system integration. The addition of our SR Ground Plane technology enables Galileo UEF speaker cables to have a lowest noise floor or any other speaker cable we’ve ever made and that’s saying something.

Galileo LE Speaker Cable Specifications:

·  Uniform Energy Field Cells:
·  Count- 4 UEF Cells per pair
·  Internal Conductor Material- 99.9999 Pure Silver and Pure Oxygen Free Copper
·  Dielectric- TEFLON and Pure Japanese Silk
·  Chassis Material- Carbon Fiber

·  Strings:
·  Silver Air Strings- 99.999% pure silver signal conductor, Air (sealed) dielectric
·  Tungsten Air String- 99.9999% pure tungsten conductor, Air (sealed) dielectric
·  Tricon String- 99.999% pure silver signal conductors, Teflon dielectric
·  Graphene is used in strings as well as UEF filtration
·  High Current Galileo String- Silver Matrix conductors, Modified PE dielectric
·  UEF Ground Plane System

·  Amp Leads:
·  UEF Silver Air / Tricon / High Current Strings

·  Speaker Leads:
·  UEF Silver Air / Tricon / High Current Strings

·  Cable Count:
·  Each Galileo UEF Speaker Cable is actually 10 separate pair of cables- 4 pair High Current Galileo Silver Matrix Strings, 1 pair Tricon Strings, 1 pair Silver Air Strings, 1 each Tungsten Air String, 1 each Silver UEF Ground Shield

·  Connectors:
·  Silver Spade or WBT 0610 AG Next Gen Signature Silver

·  Ground:
·  High Definition Ground Plane Wire System

·  UEF Filtration:
·  Precious metals / Graphene / Silk and Teflon dielectric


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