Shunyata ResearchAnaconda ZitronusedShunyata Research Anaconda Zitron Speaker Cables 2.5m Spades - EXCELLENT!Fantastic Cables in Excellent condition!Shunyata ZiTron Anaconda Speaker CablesStriking Resolution and Dynamics, with More Detail Than EverShunyata's Anaconda Speaker Cables are intentionally desig...1995.00

Shunyata Research Anaconda Zitron Speaker Cables 2.5m Spades - EXCELLENT! [Expired]

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Fantastic Cables in Excellent condition!

Shunyata ZiTron Anaconda Speaker Cables

Striking Resolution and Dynamics, with More Detail Than Ever

Shunyata's Anaconda Speaker Cables are intentionally designed and priced to compete with much more expensive cables. Rather than follow the price-inflation theme that has become common in the cable industry, Shunyata is committed to offering its signature performance products at real-world prices. Anaconda speaker cables are designed to deliver the ultimate in technology and fidelity at a reasonable cost.

Cohergenic Conductors
Shunyata uses a specially designed electromagnetic field to align the molecular structure of their copper conductors. Applied during the extrusion process, the result is greater coherency and superior conductivity.

Alpha Cryo Process
Shunyata Research cryogenically treats all wire and electrical contacts used in the production of its signal cables. A state-of-the-art computer controlled chamber is used to lower the temperature of the contents to -320 degrees Fahrenheit. This exclusive process uses a proprietary combination of gases to enhance the cryogenic treatment.

CDA-101 Copper
CDA-101 copper is the highest purity copper available, with signed certifications to verify its authenticity and purity. Shunyata Research exclusively uses CDA-101 copper for their electrical products, from signal cables to power cords and power conditioners.

VTX Wire Geometry
Long known for ultra-complex wire geometries which measurably improve conductivity and desirable characteristics, Shunyata has developed a new geometry which greatly reduces the so-called “skin-effect”. Skin-effect is a distortion caused by differing speeds of conductivity between the center of the conductor (where the bass travels) and the outer part or skin of the conductor where the midrange and treble travel. Skin-effect plagues both stranded and solid core wire, causing smearing, timing and phase errors, in some cases even changes in tonal balance. The ideal conductor is a hollow tube, but this is wildly impractical in the real world, so using DTCD analysis, Shunyata created a new type of wire geometry which is a "virtual tube" greatly reducing skin effect and improving conductivity.

Shunyata Speaker Cables ship standard with Shunyata’s proprietary STIS Multi-Spades. These ingenious spades work with the vast majority of binding posts and are part of Shunyata’s STIS swappable connector system. Shunyata offers other configurations via STIS (e.g. Bananas, 6mm spades, or 8mm spades), which may be purchased separately.

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