Shunyata ResearchVenom newShunyata Research Venom.. RCA.. 1.0 M..Brand New!Brand New in Blister Pack. 1.0 Meter Pair. These are extra cables that I no longer need. Only opened to take pictures. Excellent quality and I love the silence that these cables are known for. ...225.00

Shunyata Research Venom.. RCA.. 1.0 M..Brand New! [Expired]

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Brand New in Blister Pack. 1.0 Meter Pair.  These are extra cables that I no longer need.  Only opened to take pictures.  Excellent quality and I love the silence that these cables are known for.  Purchased from Music Direct for $350.00. 
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A New Threshold of Performance, Quality, Value, and Affordability: Shunyata Venom Interconnects Utilize Premium Materials to Deliver Stunning Dynamics, Clarity, Immediacy, and Detail

The sought-after combination of performance, quality, value, and affordability reaches new heights in the interconnect field with Shunyata Venom interconnects. The company pulls is quite blunt in its reasoning behind the line. Tired of watching other manufacturers drive interconnect prices up to ridiculously stratospheric levels, Shunyata has made a resounding statement with an incredibly affordable series true to its eminent sonic pedigree and technical expertise. Venom interconnects tout OHNO cast copper and premium connectors as well as hollow-core VTX conductors. You'll enjoy supremely upgraded dynamics, responsiveness, immediacy, and clarity. Just as Shunyata's power products revolutionized that audio sector, Venom interconnects promise to do the same. These are seriously good interconnects at a seriously real-world price. 

Establishing New Standards With Premium Metals and Material Quality
Starting with very expensive OHNO cast copper as the base metal, Venom Series interconnects set a costly metals standard that may be impossible for others to match. Shunyata Research's exclusive VTX (hollow-core) conductors, previously found only in higher-end designs, and Shunyata's custom brand of premium copper XLR and RCA connectors come standard. Finding this level of material quality and customization in expensive cable products is no certainty. To find these expensive elements in cables at reasonable price points is, until now, unheard-of. Venom interconnects are been priced this way for a reason: To continue Shunyata Research's reputation for creating beautifully crafted, extremely high-performance products at more real-world prices.