VibexGranada / AlhambrausedVibex -- Granada / Alhambra Combo | An Amazing AC and DC Power Conditioner -- Winner - 6Moons Blue Moon Awards! (A Rare Demo Unit, Ex. Cond.) is the Authorized Dealer for Vibex. We have one Vibex Granada / Alhambra demo unit available at this price. It has been used for about a year, only in our listing space and is...3695.00

Vibex -- Granada / Alhambra Combo | An Amazing AC and DC Power Conditioner -- Winner - 6Moons Blue Moon Awards! (A Rare Demo Unit, Ex. Cond.) [Expired]

no longer for sale is the Authorized Dealer for Vibex. We have one Vibex Granada / Alhambra demo unit available at this price. It has been used for about a year, only in our listing space and is still in like-new condition. The Vibex has turned out to be one of the two best sounding power conditioners we've heard in this price range.

Jaguar is moving out a lot of high-end demo gear from our listening space to make room for new items. This is some really good stuff and almost all of it saw relatively little use, as our room was closed frequently during the past few years for upgrade projects. Keep an eye on our Demo Deals page, as we add products during the next few weeks and please give us a call if you have any questions.


Jaguar is pleased to represent the full line of Vibex power conditioning products, designed by Cliff Orman and imported from Spain.


The Vibex Granada is the company's flagship DC filtration and power distribution base and the Alhambra is the plug-in AC filtration unit that sits on top of the Granada. We've used this combo in the Jaguar Reference System for some time and it's one of the best power units we've ever heard in this price range.

We've used many types of power solution in the Jaguar Reference System over the years, from transformer-based units, power regeneration, filtration, etc. We've experienced solutions that killed noise dead, but also drained some of the life from the music, then we've experienced others that controlled noise late at night when the lines are more quiet but were ineffective other times.

Vibex represents a holy grail we've long sought...achieving a vanishingly low noise floor, without sacrificing musicality, dynamics or nuance.


Check out these amazing reviews:

Vibex Granada | Dual DC Power Filter

“Since my discovery of Vibex powerline conditioners and DC filters, I've used them in my main system. Prior active and passive conditioners were consigned to secondary duty elsewhere.”

“None of my source components had ever exhibited even the faintest transformer hum. Surely DC filtering them was trying to cure a non-existent ailment. That'd be typical audiophile idiocy. Yet I had to eat crow. The Three 11R couldn't leave again. The sonic uptick it caused was far too important. So I purchased that 11-outlet combo AC/DC filter as well.”

“I owned and used various conditioners over the years. This included balancing transformers from BPT and various more or less passive versions from Walker Audio, Furutech and GigaWatt. Discovering the audible benefits of primary DC filtering changed my power religion. I've not gone back to dedicated AC filters though I do retain such Furutech and GigaWatt devices for various secondary systems. This explains my keen personal interest in the 'double-strength' attack of the Granada on the same DC topic.”

“We hear what the removal of a noise barrier reveals. The increased contrast ratio pointed at that. What didn't—or at least not in ways I found suggestive—was the improvement in bass impact and overall color saturation and meatiness. That's why the overriding and instinctual reaction to the change called it louder.”

“That these results came from enhanced DC filtering and what must be extreme vibration attenuation in the same device was an ear-opening reminder that apparently little things can matter very much if you figure out where and how. It would seem to take a certain doggone persistence and relentlessness driven by joyful curiosity to have anyone delve this deep into any one solitary aspect of hifi. We must be thankful to extremists of Cliff Orman's caliber for letting us share in the fruits of their lonely labors.”

“If you haven't tried it yet, DC filtering of especially low-level components could seem exactly that. It's not. Not only is it real, to my ears it is far more effective than traditional AC filtering. If you decide to wrestle with this subject, I know of no more formidable opponent than the Granada.”

“As a late-blooming transistor man—since divesting myself of my tube amp inventory, I now only tolerate valves in low-level circuits—I have no issue admitting it. What on a whole their glowing lot tends to do better is exactly what the Granada improves. Getting tube-type color saturation and chunkiness from solid-state amps plus of course their native low noise, wider bandwidth, greater control and lucidity... well, that really is one of those most fortuitous yin/yang affairs. Award time!”


Vibex Alhambra | AC Power Filter

“Having had such terrific results with the Vibex DC filters that I unceremoniously relegated sundry AC filters and power bars from GigaWatt, Walker Audio and Furutech to secondary systems”

“What had, with the particular music playing then, first indicated brightness proved upon more inspection to act as primarily higher incisiveness. On more forward steely recordings, this narrowed the margin for error. Bright productions acted even brighter. More natural recordings became dynamically more alive and communicative.”

“The Alhambra acted silvery: quicker, more articulate but also sharper. This was the old truism. More resolution shows both good and bad in more detail.”

“For the bass the only provision I had to make was a lowering of the Zu Submission subwoofer's attenuator. I needed less <40Hz assist. The main speakers did more on their own. The effect really wasn't that different from a more powerful—or better damped—amplifier.”

“With the Alhambra in play, the energetic perspective was closer to stage. Transients were piquant. Separation was high. The subjective contributions of the presence and higher brands had the nearfield's typical directness and vigor before being mellowed in the farther seats by increasing reflections.”

“…none of these were stereophonic effects. They were plainly audible well outside the listening window, even 4 meters beyond the left speaker behind my work desk. All of it clearly spoke to the effectiveness of Cliff's black Krion slab. It also spoke to the precarious balance which ever-increasing resolution can upset between the polarities of attack speed and body, honed definition and languorous ease, spunk and warmth. Interestingly, where the best Vibex DC filter had a quasi-tube or DSD function by increasing tone and color saturation and a certain temporal fluidity, its AC counterpart acted like wide-bandwidth direct-coupled highly damped transistors or high-level PCM. Sugar and salt. If properly administered because the surrounding hardware keeps the scales centered, music's flavor intensifies. As a clear accelerator—Llyod Walker immortalized that effect by naming his passive power box Velocitor—you can predict where the Alhambra would be tailor-made”

“My happy exposure to Vibex now means that when their man Cliff Orman says that something of theirs makes a very obvious difference as he did say for the Alhambra, I can take it as gospel. This is powerful stuff. You only must want or need what it does.”

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