Synergistic ResearchTranquility Basik SR20usedSynergistic Research Tranquility Basik SR20Up for sale is the SR Tranquility Basik which is an isolation platform. I used this for my NAS, switch and router. There are some scratches and scuff marks (see photos). Tranquility bāsik ...300.00

Synergistic Research Tranquility Basik SR20 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale is the SR Tranquility Basik which is an isolation platform.  I used this for my NAS, switch and router.  There are some scratches and scuff marks (see photos). 


Tranquility bāsik


7 layer laminate mechanical isolation

One set of MiG resonator footers

17 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 1 inch high

Manufacture's Description

Actively improves the performance of any component placed atop a Tranquility Base

Allows common furniture to perform like the best audiophile grade furniture

Improves state-of-the-art isolation racks significantly

A game changer for modest components transforming them to near state-of-the-art

Transforms state-of-the-art components dramatically. This has to be heard to be believed

Easily auditioned and demonstrated with repeatable results

Improves audio AND video

Cost effective


Audio Applications:

Under Turntables – Dramatically improves clarity and sound staging

CD Players, DACS and Transports sound almost analouge

Computer Audio- a significant upgrade to MAC and PC based file servers

Hard drives- A surprising but significant improvement

One Tranquility basik has enough area to treat a Mac Mini, a hard drive and small DAC or Music Cable 


External Cross-overs



Video Applications:

DVD and BluRay players

Cable and satellite boxes are dramatically improved in both picture and audio quality



Outperforms state-of-the-art $10,000+ isolation platforms and racks

Delivers game changing performance to common non audio furniture

A significant upgrade when paired with the best isolation racks and platforms


Easily Demonstrated:

Place any component atop a Tranquility Base and enjoy amazing improvements in audio and video quality

All Tranquility Bases are Active so you can turn their benefits on and off


Easy to implement in any system or décor:

Works wonders with standard furniture as well as audiophile grade isolation platforms and racks

Can be daisy chained so one power supply powers multiple bases

Passive ground plane can be daisy chained so one AC outlet grounds multiple bases

One Tranquility Base can treat multiple components


Audible Benefits Include:

A significant opening of the sound field

A drop in the perceived noise floor

Smoother more extended highs

Tighter and more defined bass

Improved layering of images in the sound stage

A dramatic decoupling of the sound field from the speakers and room

Allows listeners to hear deeper into recordings revealing intricate as well as subtle passages with never before attained clarity