Mark Levinson No 32 usedMark Levinson  No 32 Reference PreamplifierMark Levinson No 32 REF Preamp and Controller Unit (no phono board) lightly used. Comes with power link cables, remote control, manual, power cord and factory double boxes. Description: The ...8000.00

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Mark Levinson No 32 Reference Preamplifier [Expired]

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Mark Levinson No 32 REF Preamp and Controller Unit (no phono board) lightly used.  Comes with power link cables, remote control, manual, power cord and factory double boxes. 

The Nº32 Reference Preamplifier, featuring a unique
dual-chassis design that allows the audio circuits to
deliver unrivaled musical reproduction. The Nº32 preamplifier
chassis isolates the audio circuits so that only audio signals and
extremely pure DC power are present. The power supply and
control circuits are combined in the other chassis, protecting the
sensitive audio signals.
Like most high-performance audio components, the Nº32 relies on
clean, noise-free power to deliver maximum performance. Unfortu-
nately, most AC power does not meet these standards. Common
household appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, and computers
often contaminate AC power lines with line noise, spikes, and other
irregularities that make it difficult for audio circuits to perform up
to their full potential.
To protect audio circuits from contamination, the Nº32 generates
its own “secondary” DC power. An independent, high-quality
power supply is dedicated to each audio channel, generating DC
power for a special power amplifier optimized to reproduce just one
frequency: 400Hz. This 400Hz frequency is rectified, filtered, and
regulated again to create extraordinarily clean DC power.
An advanced dual-mono design allows the Nº32 to achieve excep-
tional channel separation. Both audio channels use independent
power supplies, communication circuits, and audio circuits. The
preamplifier chassis provides complete isolation between the left
and right channels, which are physically and electrically separated
by a die-cast aluminum wall. This innovative approach isolates
each channel, allowing the Nº32 to produce vividly detailed, three-
dimensional sonic images.
For even greater isolation, the Nº32 effectively deactivates unused
inputs to prevent interference from other components. Discrete “T-
switch” input switching, special shielding, and optimal circuit
board placement allow the Nº32 to “unplug” inputs not in use –
achieving more than 120dB separation between even adjacent
input connectors. As a result, input signals pass through the Nº32
with remarkable freedom from interference.
The Nº32 offers eight configurable inputs, each of which is assigned
to one of its three balanced (XLR) or five unbalanced (RCA) stereo
connectors. Unbalanced input signals are converted to balanced
signals upon entering the preamplifier chassis, and processed as
balanced signals thereafter. During this rigorous conversion
process, meticulously balanced circuits preserve all input signal
information, passing it to the associated power amplifier without
the limitations of asymmetrical designs.

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