PI AudioUberBussnewPI Audio UberBussI bought it used on Audiogon in 2014Originally bought from Dave in 201315A Furutech power inlet two Furutech FPX(G) receptacles One upgraded P&S 5362A receptacles Conidition 9/10.Price:$800,shi...800.00

PI Audio UberBuss [Expired]

no longer for sale

I bought it used on Audiogon in 2014

Originally bought from Dave in 2013

15A Furutech power inlet 
two Furutech FPX(G) receptacles 
One upgraded P&S 5362A receptacles 
Conidition 9/10.

Price:$800,shipped, insured to lower US only and NO paypal fee.

Working on listing:

Mac mini 2009 with MOJO Audio PS

Cardas clear usb

Empirical audio off ramp 5 with Hynes supply

Stereovox bnc to rca coax

metrum octave DAC

Morrow audio ma-4 ic

Quicksilver tube line stage with Mullard tubes

Jps labs ultraconductor 2m rca

Clear day silver cables 5ft double shotgun with jumpers 

Power cables are Jps labs power ac to amps, Digital ac to dac

PS Audio Dectet

Thanks for looking 

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