FocalSopra N°3 newFocalThese Focal Sopra N 3 Granite Black Pair of Floorstanding HiFi Speakers Are In New Condition. BUYER COVERS ALL SHIPPING COST. Dimensions of speakers combined 30"x 44" x 58" 360 lbs. The longest...15000.00


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Package dimensions30.0" × 42.0" × 58.0" (360.0 lbs.)
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These Focal Sopra N 3 Granite Black Pair of Floorstanding HiFi Speakers Are In New Condition. BUYER COVERS ALL SHIPPING COST. Dimensions of speakers combined 30"x 44" x 58"  360 lbs. 

The longest standing loudspeaker of the line, Sopra N°3 perfectly combines dynamics, space optimisation and harmonic richness.

With its two 8¼" (21cm) woofers, this loudspeaker offers solid, rich and perfectly defined bass for music lovers looking for optimum performance. Despite its reasonable size, it will reveal its full potential in rooms measuring up to 860 ft2 (80 m2).

Sopra clearly inaugurates a new era for the “Premium High End” by taking into account new performance criteria. Compact, modern, a pure design, character... all these are essential factors to ensure perfect integration into your interior.

Equipped with best midrange drivers ever developed by Focal, with the NIC and TMD technologies, Sopra pushes back the limits of sound reproduction in terms of transparency in a very compact enclosure. Indeed, unlike Utopia, which is extravagant by essence and where size is by no means a constraint, Sopra aims for maximal compactness to ensure easy integration into reasonably sized rooms.

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Questions for the seller
Not to be a jerk but stereophile shows an msrp of $19,990. still %25 off a new pair isn't a bad deal.
Thanks for the heads up. Are you interested in purchasing them?
Are the speakers warranted thru the distributor?
They warranted direct by Focal
This is Mr. Brown again, my location is Marietta, Ga. thats about 15 hrs drive to you, so that would be difficult for tomorrow and I would need my nephew with this truck were I to purchase, If we could agree on a firm price then perhaps I could arrange the logistics of getting to you, inspecting the Focals, paying and returning back here, though I would love to spend some time in the areas.. I have some things I will need to do the remainder of the afternoon, think of your most acceptable price and let me know. Thank you
Cannot do much with the price. I will literally be going negative if I sell them any cheaper. Keep in mind you're getting a brand new pair of Focals for half the price of new
Hey this mr. Brown, thanks for the prompt reply, 20 hrs. is acceptable as new. any auto you bought would have miles too even as new, I drive an acura sedan, so I would only want to make a single trip that far, I would have to convince a nephew with a pick-up to drive me to your location, which I called him and got voicemail, he's pretty busy guy, but I am serious about my offer and have the money I mentioned, I could bring a certified check if that's acceptable, and the amount is agreed upon, but like I said I would have to make pick-up provisions as shipping is risky.
I can have my guys drop them off at your location if you are local here in South Florida. Stop by my office tomorrow and come see them. If you like them we can figure it out from there. Does that work?
Are these truly new, and could they be picked up, I live just north of Atl. I will offer $ 13,750 for the pair @ this point.
There is a total use of 20 hours in our office and then they were re-packaged. We were breaking them in for a client. Come see it for yourself. My office is in pompano and I am available tomorrow all day of you want to stop by. I guarantee you will be blown away.
Are you sure the Sopra 3 is 28,000 new? I see them listed at 19,999 on most sites. I know because I want the Sopra 2 and have been saving for awhile.
MSRP are 28K
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