Bache AudioMetro-001newBache Audio Metro-001 Bamboo cabinets .Very musical and warm soundWe are pleased to introduce our new model, the Metro 001 in pure bamboo finish, which utilizes the finest audiophile grade components.Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that ...3600.00

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We are pleased to introduce our new model, the Metro 001 in pure bamboo finish, which utilizes the finest audiophile grade components.Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as construction material for thousands of years. Ecologically, the harvesting of bamboo does not affect the world's dwindling timber resources. Technically considered a grass, bamboo has the ability to grow to maturity in only 3-6 years. The intricate root system remains unharmed upon harvesting and allows for sustainable future growth. It is incredibly strong and considered one of the most durable hardwoods. It has a tensile strength that is stronger than steel and the vertical orientation of the panels we use take full advantage of this. The bamboo we use is completely moisture resistant. MDF will swell when exposed to moisture and this is often the cause for the cracking and peeling of the various finishes applied to MDF loudspeakers over a period of time. Our bamboo is safe for factory workers and for you. MDF is a health hazard for anyone cutting or sanding it, so much so that places like Lowes and Home Depot will refuse to cut it for you.The bamboo boards that we use for our cabinets are produced of many small bamboo strips glued together in several layers. This together with the built in strength and sturdiness of bamboo assures superb stability and resistance against resonance. This is the first prerequisite for building excellent speaker cabinets. The natural warm color and structure of the bamboo fits well with the present time after a time of sterile black-and-white being in fashion. We were charmed by this natural look and the design also highlights the special color patterns alongside the edges of the bamboo boards. We always use carbonised bamboo; this means that the bamboo has been heated. The natural sugar in the bamboo has now become brown - "pretty much like caramelizing something" as Ole Holse from Holse & Wibroe explained. All this was pretty much all the convincing, we needed, to make bamboo the characteristic of our hiQ product line. It takes experience and care to work with bamboo boards; the saw blades have to be ultra sharp as not to fray the edges; the same goes for the cutter. Bamboo is after all a grass with long fibers and not a tree. The finishing is not that hard; it is easy to sand the bamboo boards and it creates a silky smooth surface - but it has to be done with care in order to get a uniform look We have incorporated an air motion transformer that has been submerged into the cabinet to diminish negative influence of cabinet interfaces. A bamboo paper wide range driver covers the region from 400 to 10000 Hz with no crossover. We have developed a proprietary 8″ woofer specifically designed for Metro-001 Line to insure unprecedented and unmatched ability to reproduce clear and articulate bass. The crossover network utilizes the world’s finest MUNDORF capacitors. Our research and development team have vigorously selected and tested every component. Specifications- 3 Way bass reflex floor stander Nominal Impedance: 8ohm Recommended amplifier power: 50-300 W Crossover frequency: 500, 10000Hz Sensitivity: (2.83V) 89 db Drivers”: 8″ Composite cone woofer 4″ bamboo paper cone wide range 1″ AMT Dimensions: 39″H* 11″ W * 11″ D Weight: 50 lbs You can read review at Some feedback from NY Audio Show 2015 Bache Audio 002 Design and Metro-001 floor-standers get the big rig had plenty of drama, color, and soundstage depth. Designed by Russian engineer blasted louder than most, the music (tango by "Viverez" and beautiful choral sounds) filling the hallway and occasionally some annoyed vendor's rooms. I dug it! Ken Micallef Showcasing the new Bache Metro-001 Speakers . Very musical and warm sound. Karl Sigman Bache Audio. This was interesting. the 3-way bass reflex Bache Metro-001 Speakers ) and the 4-way vented box with active powered bass and mid/woofers called Bache 002.. When I was in this room, they were playing a lovely classical piece with a cello solo. The string tone was rich and full-bodied and had a vibrancy that commanded your attention. These guys were short on words and just let the system speak for them.....which it did very well. Steve Marsh the production time is 6-8 weeks WE OFFER 30 day with full refund CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: I am a long term (10+ years) Merlin owner who just replaced my VSM’s (VSM-mme with custom Master Bam and Master RC’s) with a pair of Bache Audio Metro 001’s. I can say without hesitation that the Bache Metro 001’s are superior to the Merlins. The Metro 001’s have more accurate and natural timbre and tonality, and are the Merlins' equal in imaging and soundstaging. The 001’s provide more bass depth and heft, the highs are sweeter, and overall they are more forgiving and sound better with a broader range of recordings than the Merlins. My VSM’s sounded great with great recordings, but as several reviewers noted over the years, they are "ruthlessly revealing". I found that I was listening to less of my music collection with the VSM’s because they seemed to highlight the flaws in less than stellar recordings, and were slightly bright overall. The VSM’s are likely a touch more resolving, particularly in the highs, but nothing is missing when I listen to the Bache speakers, and I listen longer without fatigue and enjoy my listening more with the Metro 001’s. Greg Belman of Bache Audio was great to deal with. I was able to talk with him about the design of the Metro 001’s before he built them, and ended up ordering the optional cabinet (3/4" thick bamboo instead of mdf), and the higher end Audyn True Copper Max crossover capacitors that he uses in his top of the line model. I picked up the speakers in person at his shop in Brooklyn, and was able to listen to them before he boxed them and put them in my car. Highly recommended.
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