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One MC-1 Pro Helix+ power conditioner. 

Based on the raved technology of Magnetic Conduction the Mc-1 Pro Helix+ is a powerful power conditioner that does not restrict energy flow. It focuses electrons to the core of the power wire to lower noise. 

MC-1Pro Helix+ has powerful results and much like the famous MC-5 but in a new larger magnetic waveguide power system that more highly focuses electrons through capacitive training via our Helix technology. A highly focused magnetic field concentrates electrons in a  Helix wave. This improved centring of electrons shows Helix to be a powerful upgrade over our already very popular MC-1 Pro. Critical magnetic connections use gold plating to help improve conductivity.  

Further to this small capacitors to help to even further focus electrons and deliver them through the waveguide system, the MC-1 Pro Helix+ helps deliver something truly advanced. 

Magnetic Conduction Technology is multi-patented and MC-1 Pro Helix+ is proven to show big results from a fairly small package that simply plugs into the wall. It is a sturdy build and looks beautiful inserted into your wall or power conditioner socket. It works with or without conventional power conditioners adding speed, attack, musicality, clarity, and realism across the board. 

The Helix+ helps to give you that pinpoint sound staging and brings imaging to life. It helps clarify the tone of your system and leading as well as trailing edge is greatly improved. Hear a guitar pick with stunning clarity and have that lingering room-filling effect only real instruments offer! Our new Helix+ improves every portion of your system. Tighter bass, crisper and more detailed sound with musical highs and mids. 

MC-1 Pro Helix+ reduces glare and hardness without sacrificing dynamics. Unlike traditional power conditioners, it actually improves dynamics instead. Helix+ is the whole package and you will love your new life-like sound.  

Brings a system to life before your ears. It controls distortion through the electrons themselves! Magnetic Conduction from High Fidelity cables is simply the best and only magnetically driven nanotechnology product on the market. There is nothing like it, nothing that compares. Licenced by Magnetic innovations LLC.

Like the smaller MC-0.5 it works for video as well to enhance the picture quality of your television as well as improving your sound. 

Make you sound and video captivating buy an MC-1 Pro Helix+ today.  

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