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PBN Mini Olympia Power Amplifier - One of Worlds' Most Sought After Audiophile Amplifier !!! [Expired]

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PBN Mini Olympia Power Amplifier is One of the Worlds' Best and Sought After Audiophile (SOLID STATE) Reference Amps 
PBN Mini Olympia Power Amplifier Original MSRP:
$8,500 (USD)

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$2,250 (USD)

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Legendary PBN Audio Mini Olympia Power Amplifier 
(Prior Trade Review Highlights)

The moment I fired up PBN Audio’s Solid State Olympia LX preamplifier ($20,000 USD) and Mini-Olympia Power Amplifier ($8,500 USD), I let out a Wow ! of pure delight. The sound was
astonishingly vivid, full and gorgeous.

So, just for starters, I’ve already said that I heard sound like clear rainwater, like a tidal wave, like a flaming circus - three different and inadequate similes to try to account for the powerful effect of the PBN gear in my system.

This was a very special combination of electronic gear - clear and powerful, unfazed by symphonic dynamics and complexity, the intricate syncopations of small combo jazz, or the resonant tones and rich harmonies of piano music.

Company History

PBN Audio, the fine-electronics wing of the celebrated Montana Loudspeakers company, is the brainchild of Peter Bichel Noerbaek, the Danish-born engineer behind all the design, research, and development for both firms. Noerbaek launched PBN in 2002, after having produced a preamp and a line of power amps for Sierra Audio in the late 1990s. The Sierra power amps were FET/bipolar transistor, cascoded devices that made a strong reputation for themselves among a crowd of cognoscenti, and were built in the PBN Custom Shop at Noerbaek’s headquarters in El Cajon, California.


Listening to the PBN Olympia-LX and PBN Mini-Olympia enlarged my appreciation for music, broadening a sonic palette I’d thought already discerning enough. The PBNs introduced me to levels of articulate power and to subtleties of sound that had been missing from my listening. I’d dwelt in smaller sonic vales and villages until the PBNs arrived to guide me to a wider world of audio awareness and a deeper pleasure in listening to music.

While I felt more comfortable listening to operatic and choral voices through the liquidity and naturalness of my reference combination of tube preamp and amp, I’m going to miss the PBNs’ effortless dynamics, immense scale of sound, and superb ability to present exquisite musical detail. Never have piano and orchestral music,
rock, blues, and jazz sounded better or more thrilling in my listening room. Never has one set of electronics made me sit up and question what had seemed an immutably stark line of connoisseurship dividing the aficionados of glass and sand amplification.

PBN Audio’s Olympia-LX and Mini-Olympia are well engineered and impressively built assaults on this division. They combine much of the grace and finesse of tubes with the power, precision, and effort-free maintenance of the best of solid-state. And in terms of pure clarity, I’ve heard nothing better.

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