King SoundKing IIIusedKing Sound King III Full Range Electrostatic Speaker Great conditionThe following was the advertisement I used for King III speakers when I was their dealer in Colorado.Every word then and now is true. This pair is 5 years old and belongs to one of my customers in...7499.00

King Sound King III Full Range Electrostatic Speaker Great condition

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The following was the advertisement I used for King III speakers when I was their dealer in Colorado.

Every word then and now is true.  This pair is 5 years old and belongs to one of my customers in Nashville Tn. He, and by he, I mean his wife, wants to downsize their stereo now that he is retired.

This is an incredible opportunity for someone.  He will hand deliver the speakers up to a 200-mile radius from Nashville, If you are further away we will ship by UPS freight to your home.  The pictures of his speakers are with the grille covers removed, the Grille covers are in pristine condition and included at this bargain price.

These Stats do bass better than non-planar speakers.  By better I mean there is much more articulation in the bass that you won't/can't get from cone speakers.  The King III excel at Rock N Roll as well as Classical plus Vocals are totally Real on these speakers. Want to have your socks knocked off let me play some Tommy Bolin on these for you.  These speakers have all the air around instruments you could ask for and bass slam.

The King III Full Range Electrostatic Speaker on Display in Nashville TN.

I had my demos on display at RMAF and they were a big hit with everyone.

Here are some links to see what the reviewers thought of my room and the sound. Harbeths are famous for their midrange but these are better, Those other planar speakers, you know the ones, they sound dark and veiled next to these and these have better bass.

I know I can say anything here but what I am saying is true, these smoke the competition at this price and well beyond.

These are high altitude Electrostats good to elevations up to and including 10,000 feet.

Hear why Kevin Hayes of VAC used King Speakers to voice his amplifiers.

When you want your speakers to play what is on the source without applying its own signature to the sound the King III may be your best choice and for the Money i.e. $14995 they clearly are the best value.  King III is the most wonderful sounding speakers I have heard in my system ever.

If you are used to point source emulating speakers i.e. a normal 2 or 3-way speaker or even a one-way speaker floor standing or bookshelf type you just can't imagine what the difference is from a line source dipole like the King III.   

Certainly, they aren't for everyone, they are very tall at 5'10" tall and like to come out into the room some for the best sound and they image better without their grills on. If you are a slave to your Interior designer you may not be a candidate for a pair of King III.

If on the other hand, you are a person in pursuit of the most realistic sound you can imagine I encourage you to stop by for a listen. The bass from these is nothing short of astonishing as is the whole audio spectrum.

$14,995 isn't peanuts but after you hear the King III set up properly you will never long for another pair of speakers as they do everything just right.

If you set out to design the worlds best sounding speaker you might list the problems one has to solve so you would know what to do.

The first problem is the listening room and wow what a doozy the room is.

You have problems with reflections, absorption and room resonances to name the big basic problems.

In a conventional box speaker you have box resonances and if the woofer is not right at floor level you get floor bounce which tends to cancel certain mid bass frequencies.

If you put the drivers in a box then the box vibrates and contributes negatively to the sound.

Well, you get the idea and have probably heard this all before.

The King III solves all of these problems even the room problems.

First, King III is a dipole panel speaker and while you may be thinking panel speakers have their problems too the King III has cleverly done away with those problems too.

King III is a 2-way line source speaker. It has separate electrostatic modules for the highs and separate panels for the mids and lows.

The high-frequency panels are lined up on the inside edge of both speakers as they are a mirror imaged pair.

Large panel electrostatic speakers are known to beam the high frequencies like lasers but by building the high-frequency panels the right size the beaming is eliminated. By placing the Electrostatic tweeters on the inside edge of the speakers you minimize or eliminate side wall reflections of the high frequencies.

The King 3 has Mid/bass frequency panels that occupy the rest of the 68" tall by 26" wide speaker.

Having line arrays eliminates the floor bounce.

Eliminating the cabinet i.e. a planar speaker gets rid of cabinet resonances and because it is an open panel dipole speaker you get a figure 8 radiation pattern of all the frequencies which allows you to steer the sound including the bass frequencies towards you the listener rather than pressurizing the whole room with bass.

The figure 8 radiation also minimizes room reflection problems.

The King has other wonderful qualities, it uses relatively small electrostatic sections that can easily be replaced should one become damaged.

The King now has a separate outboard crossover network.


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