High Fidelity CablesMA-70 DemousedHigh Fidelity Cables MA-70 Monoblock AmpsSet of MA-70 mono-block amplifiers, demo units from High Fidelity Cables. Mono blacks like no other using our Patented magnetic conduction and the most advanced powerfully on the market. It will ...66000.00

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Set of MA-70 mono-block amplifiers, demo units from High Fidelity Cables.
Mono blacks like no other using our Patented magnetic conduction and the most advanced powerfully on the market. It will drive most modern speakers and has transparency and musicality. The spec's of this amp are undeniable and performance is like no other amp on the market. 
Single stage equivalent amplifier, this amp delivers signal input to each amplification section to dramatically power noise. In this design it uniquely operate as a signaler stage of amplificatioin and rivals even the smallest and the simplest SET designs for sure transparency and musicality. 

I can be used also on high efficiency speakers like horns and many ribbons. With it unparalleled speed and bandwidth it captures far more music than any other amplifier. It is incredibly low noise as both the circuit are power supply are well beyond anything ever accomplished in amplifier design. 
The basic circuit was created by Steve Keiser the original K form B&K he as was responsible for the famous B&K ST140 that captured the world of audiophiles in the $80. He is one of the few analog circuit designers who ahem not been replaced by computer modeling and has developed circuits for Motorola for the lates 4 decades.    Hie experience with Motorola coupled with computer assisted design parameters makes for the ultimate in design expertise. No amp in the market today can deliver such unparalleled performance. 
The ultra premium parts selection was done by Peter Isrealson on of the top parts guru's in the world.  Peter has been working on and designing electronics for over 30 years. His experience for choosing parts that work for optimal performance in each aspect of Amplifier design may this amp a unit to be reckoned with. Peter has brought the very most out of a circuit that is already an obvious marvel. 
The power supply of any device can make to break its aplenty to properly reproduce music. A/C power supplies deliver far more current than batteries but can be problematic for switching noise and vibrational energies for large power supplied transformers. 
Rick Schultz has used proprietary dampening methods in the power supply that dramatically lower noise that is created vibrationally form the transformers, this approach delivers the most grain-free musical and open sound any amplifier has delivered and it is leagues beyond the competition. Two if you come by can cook the record if you come by can cook the record sets of Pro series internal wave guides are used to filter the DC regulation and A/C power and before the circuit we have both extremely high end power regulation and capacitance multipliers, that bring the capacitance based filtering to over 2 farad per channel on each rail for both DC neg and DC pos inputs for the circuits. painting at least  comparative 8 farad of total capacitance filtering. 
The high end regulators lower THD and noise and keep a extremely constant voltage to the neg and positive rails on the amp's power supply.
Magnetic conduction was implemented on the input transistor as well as on each of the output transistors. This helps dramatically lower noise on the circuit and makes the amp produce and much more musical grain free sound that even the very best of tube amplifiers.  
The amp is simply marvel of technology and is unparalleled in the market today. there I simply no amps in the market with so much reveletory design, these easily place a new benchmark on overall performance and must be heard.
As the amp is purely a current driven amp it requires a solid state or cathode follower type tube prey to drive it was it must see reasonable current at the input to drive the transistors to full capacity.  Input impedance is a very low 5k this requires a pre amp with a decent current output to fully drive the amp. A low current pro will distort the amp and the benefits of its incredible low noise will compromised. If you are not sure if you pre amp will drive it please contact us for consultation. Well make sure you have a good match for the MA-70's and the ultimate performance these amps deliver.
So if there is one thing that can be said about the MA-70 for certain, it's that it's unique amongst amplifiers. It has a wonderful inner clarity and realism like no other amplifier we know of, at any price.  It his marvel of technology and a new benchmark for amplifier performance. 

Operation type:  70 watt 8 ohm, 90 watt 4 ohm Class A/B Current injection construction - a purely current driven amplifier  Single stage equivalent amplifier.

Specifications:  Gain: 60db in current mode  Speed: Slewing rate 400 V/µs  Input impedance: 5k  Frequency resonance 1Hz-2MHz  Signal to noise ratio: 120db  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 70 watts - less than 0.0001%  Intermodulation Distortion (IMD): Measured with 19 & 20Khz intermixed equally - 0.0005%  Total square wave distortion: Less than 0.001% musical signal under load  Damping Factor: 1000  Channel separation: Infinite  Musical Fast Fourier transform distortion: Less than 0.01% under load 

With the creation of this new circuit came a demand for new testing parameters. In the world of audio, amplifiers are most often tested without music signal or load, and therefore the testing is not in a real world environment, which means little to the end user. 

Therefore, two brand new tests have been added to the specifications of the amplifier: Total Square Wave Distortion and Musical Fast Fourier Transform distortion. 

These new specifications teach us what the amplifier does in the real world with music and under load. Operating under load in a real signal flow environment is the most difficult part for any amplifier. The challenge for any amp is to actually reproduce music accurately. 

So these new tests are critical in understanding the potential of this circuit to deliver reproduced music like never before. These tests are preformed to allow the user to know what will happen to the music signal when the amplifier is actually in use playing music. This is a surprisingly new concept we have not seen before - something we hope eventually becomes commonplace. 

These are measurements that make an amplifier truly unique and truly in a class by itself. 

Here's a brief description of both of these new tests: 

Musical Fast Fourier transform distortion: Real world test using a music sample of 1/10 of a second intervals. By breaking down the music sample into 1/10 of a second or keeping the bits limited they are reasonable enough in number to fully analyze the data. This measures the input to output data of the amplifier's performance, allowing listeners to know the total sum of all distortion that will actually be added to the music. 

Total Square wave distortion: Although it's not uncommon to see square wave distortion testing on an amp, it is quite uncommon to see it as important. It is also uncommon to see square waves accurately reproduced by audio amplifiers. A square wave is the most demanding of signals. We feel it is critical for an amplifier to be able to reproduce square waves without distortion. The amp, if required, could reproduce any signal virtually without distortion. 

This new amplifier design only amplifies current. It is a current amplifier only, as transistors can only amplify current and are only linear when operated in a current mode. 

Current injection is unique. All the transistors inject current into one common line that then drives the speaker. Each transistor is connected to the input instead of to the stage before it, effectively creating a one-stage amplifier. 

Magna-drive Transistor treatment is unique to Luminance MA-70 amplifiers. It comes from the technology of Magnetic condition from High Fidelity Cables and Magnetic Innovations. Magna-drive uses a powerful magnetic field across the transistor to apply powerful lines of flux through the transistor. This helps to guide electrons at the quantum state, and give them a more calculated pathway through the transistor. The result is lower noise, better resolution, and greater dynamics. 

Magnetic conduction technology wave-guides are used to help deliver signal accurately and cleanly. The equivalent of two Pro Series power cables are used. One to filter the AC power from the secondary of the transformer, and the second to filter the DC power side after rectification. These are used to magnetically and mechanically reduce noise within the amplifier. In all, this helps to make MA-70 one of the most natural and musical amps on the market today. 

Mechanically grounded Chassis: The chassis uses a technology known as mechanical grounding. It is designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations and noise. The solid brass base plate and back are designed with complementary footers to quickly eliminate unwanted vibrations for the various parts within the amps. The circuit board and all other components are mounted either directly to these bass plates or via brass connecting rods. The entire amp becomes a sink, to rid the internal components of unwanted vibrations and guide them out to the floor beneath. 

Premium audiophile-grade parts: Premium quality hand picked parts like Texas Instruments Naked Vishay resistors go into each and every amplifier. 

Overall, this new amp design is a revelation in thinking. It is truly a new concept and it comes from one of the great designers Steve Keiser. Steve has been an analog circuit designer dating all the way back to early B&K. His circuits of been a revelation in the past and are certainly proving to be once again in our more modern era. 

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