Ayre AcousticsAX-7eusedAyre Acoustics AX-7e Evolution Integrated :Reduced PriceAyre AX-7e “Evolution” Integrated Amplifier This amplifier is in great shape and still a worthy Stereophile "Class A" Integrated ! Ayre Acoustics AX-7e: $3500 ✩The success of this 60Wpc, solid-...1499.00

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Ayre Acoustics AX-7e Evolution Integrated :Reduced Price [Expired]

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Ayre AX-7e “Evolution” Integrated Amplifier
 This amplifier is in  great shape and still a worthy Stereophile "Class A" Integrated !
Ayre Acoustics AX-7e: $3500 ✩
The success of this 60Wpc, solid-state, two-channel, fully balanced, integrated amplifier depended on the associated sources. Used from balanced output to balanced input, "It was brilliant. Amwazing. Stirring, even," said AD. However, used as an unbalanced amp, "The AX-7 still sounded good, but its musical performance lacked momentum and, ultimately, excitement." Overall, the Ayre was "colorful, clear, well-textured, and spatially convincing." It seemed sensitive to the type and length of speaker cable AD used, and seemed more sensitive to AC power quality than average. "I strongly recommend the Ayre AX-7 for use [only] in an all-balanced system." The "7e's power supply now includes greater filtering of the AC mains, increased peak current delivery, and filtering of the rectifier switching noise. In addition, the AX-7e's gain stages now use two-stage voltage regulators in place of the earlier version's single-stage regulators. The sound now combined classic Brit-style pacing and tunefulness with near-SET levels of presence and a fine sense of musical flow, a combination that allowed AD to become emotionally involved in the music. "The AX-7e is the best integrated I've ever heard," endorsed WP. "One heck of an involving amplifier," he summed up. Compared to the Luxman MQ-88 power amplifier, the Ayre offered greater bass extension and soundstage control but lacked the Luxman's beguiling midrange, said JM. Original AX-7s can be fully upgraded for $250–$350, depending on the age of the unit. (Vol.26 No.10 AX-7; Vol.29 No.1, Vol.31 No.3, AX-7e Read Review Online; see also "The Fifth Element" in Vol.34 No.2 and Vol.35 No.4 Read Review Online)
Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/2013-recommended-components-integrated-amps-amp-receivers#O4URMyyv2h2Wyueq.99

Power Output
60 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms
120 watts per channel continuous into 4 ohms

Frequency Response
2Hz – 200 kHz

Input Impedance
20 K ohm (per phase)

Power Consumption
20 watts in standby mode
70 watts in operating mode, no signal

17.25″ W x 13.75″ D x 4.75″ H
(43.8cm x 35cm x 12cm)

26 pounds (12 kg)  plus  Cartons for a  total of 30 lbs   
Just back from Ayre as there was a sound of something loose inside and with Ayre  it made sense to send unit to Colorado and they identified a loose  IEC connecter and display support and went over the amp top to bottom per my wishes. I misremembered as a speaker terminal. I had another one where that was an issue.  Came back in factory fresh carton with foam replacing the cardboard shock absorbers.  Went to UPS and to ship and underwrite value they put the new Ayre box into an outer box and it’s ready to go just a little bigger and heavier but really safely packed. Recently moved to a condo so selling all ( 3 ) of my Integrated amplifiers. The Crayon sold so only the Ayre and Sonneteer remain. Have reduced price to a no  need to haggle  level! Thanks 
$1499.00      Plus Shipping  via UPS           Pay Pal fees if applicable are extra  
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