Gold NotePH-10 & PSU-10usedGold Note PH-10 Phono Preamp & PSU-10 Dual Choke Inductive Power Supply w/ Free ShippingGorgeous looking and beautiful sounding Gold Note PH-10 & PSU-10I will pay shipping in the lower 48 states.Excellent condition and all original packagingUltra-configurable, giant-killer phono p...1700.00

Gold Note PH-10 Phono Preamp & PSU-10 Dual Choke Inductive Power Supply w/ Free Shipping [Expired]

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Gorgeous looking and beautiful sounding Gold Note PH-10 & PSU-10
I will pay shipping in the lower 48 states.

Excellent condition and all original packaging
Ultra-configurable, giant-killer phono preamp and psu

Retail: $2600; Audiogon: $1999

Love this phono stage (it's better in my system than units from Pass, Sutherland, Herron, and others) but looking to upgrade some other components in my system

The PH-10 is an ultra-versatile phono preamplifier that offers unique features, including EQ CURVES, LOAD and GAIN adjustments: a fully analogue design engineered exclusively with high quality coils, capacitors and resistors.

The PSU-10 is a super inductive & chokes power supply designed exclusively for the PH-10 phono stage. Engineered with the best quality audio-grade components PSU-10 features a dual choke design powered by a proprietary double inductor driving the negative and positive high current stages and featuring and inductive filter on the analogue stage.The Gold Note proprietary Dual Chokes Design perfectly filters the signal voltages in order to eliminate all the possible electrical noise coming from the AC power system.

Together, the system is ultra quiet, gorgeously toned, super dynamic, effortlessly reliable in operation.

independent stereo RCA Inputs

Weight: 3Kg

Dimensions: 220mm W | 80mm H | 260mm D

Subsonic filter: 10Hz/36dB octave

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz

[Enhanced 20Hz – 50KHz] @ +/- 0.3dB

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.05% MAX

Signal to noise ratio: -89dB

Dynamic response: 105dB

Output impedance: 50Ω

Main supply: 100V to 245V, 50/60Hz

(depending on market destination, not convertible)

Power consumption: 30W super linear power supply

Input capacitance MM: 220pF

Input sensitivity: 0.1mV MC up to 7.0mV MM

Input impedance: 9 selectable options [10Ω, 22Ω, 47Ω, 100Ω, 220Ω, 470Ω, 1000Ω, 22KΩ, 47KΩ]

Gain: 65dB MC - 45dB MM with 4 options [-3dB, 0dB, +3dB, +6dB]

Line output level (fixed): stereo RCA @ 2Volt and balanced XLR @ 4Volt


I can tell you that there was definitely a huge increase in sound quality, it was immediately noticeable. A wider and deeper sound stage. More grunt in the bottom end. Just more—all without taking anything away. It simply was able to extract even more information from my vinyl collection, which was very impressive indeed. This is a perfect combination and I wouldn't suggest the phono stage without it, but if budget is tight—the great thing is you can always upgrade later. In conclusion, I can't say enough good things about this phono stage and power supply. They really compliment each other and for the price to feature ratio—there just isn't anything else out there on the market that comes close.


In this price range, Gold Note’s $2,600 USD flagship phono preamp combo is the best of the best. Nothing — repeat… nothing — at this price point exists that comes equipped with so many different impedance and gain settings, EQ curves, and future-proof upgrade paths. With the PH-10, Gold Note has knocked it out of the park.
It’s tough to believe that this is such a reasonably priced phonostage; it reveals a level of musical information I would expect from a much more expensive component.

We’ve used $60,000 phonostages that didn’t have this level of adjustment […] Gold Note’s PH-10 phonostage comes right out of the box with top in class performance, yet it offers the ability to expand it considerably further. What else could you ask for? I am happy to give the PH-10 one of our last Exceptional Value Awards 2017. It is well deserving.

Adding the external PSU-10 power supply to the basic phono amplifier produced an immediate, intriguing result: enhanced midrange insight with a deeper upper bass response from the guitar.  Specifically, the Havens vocal had a more intricate and complex delivery. His presentation was on the breathier side too. That is, his breath was noted as part of the vocal delivery, whereas it wasn’t as noticeable before, adding to the emotion of his performance. The lower noise also meant that his diction was precise, enhancing the power of the message in the lyrics. The PSU-10 is a simple upgrade to install but its effect is large indeed. Separating the power supply into a different box, placed away from the main phono amplifier with its enhanced parts to boot, ups the sound quality over all frequencies producing a high quality, more mature and richer sound output. If you’re looking at purchasing the PH-10, keep the power supply upgrade on your to-do list.

If tubes are so "last century" then the added functionality of Gold Note's features is the new millenia's tube rolling. Whereas some beauties require big sacrifices and are high maintenance, this Italian beauty is anything but. Recommended!


This is a mighty, emotionally engaging musical box, that even without all the expandable accessories brings more than expected. A thrill and a fill!

"We have had the PH-10 here for a decent enough time for me to say that, at $1390 [introductory price without PSU-10], it is a no-brainer. The unit is elegant throughout, works as advertised, and serves the music as any phono stage should. Not sure how they are doing this for so little compared to the stages above it price-wise, but damn. Highly recommended!"

Gold Note’s PH-10 is a real gem for the money, it sounds exceptionally good… A real highlight of modern analogue technology, which deserves a penetrating recommendation.

Truly, the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage is a stunning bargain, and the partnering Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable is an absolute delight. I'm fully confident that anyone hearing the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage and Mediterraneo turntable will agree that both deliver sweet, sterling sound and exceptional value. Decidedly worthy of my highest recommendation and Writer's Choice Award!


Gold Note, with the Gold Note PH10 effectively manages its own attempt to please as many of the people for as long as possible. This phono pre-amplifier punches above its crowded price point. On top of that it adapts to whatever cartridge the listener is using this month, so it is future proofed against cartridge upgrades. The promise of upgrade accessories implies it is future proofed against being upgraded from purchaser's systems.

Uniquely, the Gold Note PH10 manages to be past proofed in its capacity to match the historic pre-emphasis EQ of archival record collections. At this price point the Gold Note PH10 is unique in its achievements.


As an in-between source (in-between your turntable/cart combo), the Quasar phono preamplifier is an incredible piece of kit. It is magical. It takes the music to a euphoric yet realistic level. It heightens the aural senses. Basically it makes listening much more pleasurable.

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