Dynavector23R Ruby cartridgenewDynavector 23R Ruby cartridge, New Old StockThis cartridge is brand new, never mounted or played.A-stock, I opened the box only to inspect and take photos. NOT rebuilt or retipped. NEW!Along with the box and plastic sleeve, all mounting hard...650.00

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Dynavector 23R Ruby cartridge, New Old Stock [Expired]

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This cartridge is brand new, never mounted or played.

A-stock, I opened the box only to inspect and take photos. NOT rebuilt or retipped. NEW!

Along with the box and plastic sleeve, all mounting hardware, owners manual, and individual frequency response tracing are included.

This has been my cartridge of choice for many years. Price is very fair; I’m planning to move and need ca$h. The one I’m presently using has given me years of musical enjoyment.

Ariston RD11S (same as Linn LP-12), Souther linear arm, Mark Levinson ML-1 w/PLS-154 power supply and dedicated moving coil head amp cards, Bryston 120 monoblock power amps, B&W Nautilus SCM-1 (same as N805) speakers, ASW-2000 subwoofer. Cabling is TMC Golden Reference and Nordost Blue Heaven.

This price is as low as it goes. If it doesn’t sell now, I’ll keep it rather than retip my original one again~~ 3rd time since 1983, but my retipper does a marvelous job.......for $122.

I find the 17D too bright. $2,000 bucks for a cartridge is just too much. Who wants to pay $40 an hour to listen to even the finest vinyl the world has to offer? My turntable system is 35 years old, but my ears hear it as perfectly as they did when I purchased it for $3,500-- more money than I paid to buy and remodel VW Beetlebug that drove me through college.

No takers @ $700, I’ll mount it on my Souther linear arm, and put the old one up on ebay for $99. It still tracks and sounds OK, but I know a tired cartridge when I hear one..after 5 years, it’s time for a change. I don’t listen to vinyl as i once did, and maintenance of LP’s is now an effort of diminishing return. Yes, ye olde 33⅓ record album is sonically the very best format for music appreciation, despite its perfection by RCA labs in the studio in the late 1950’s....

The most critical factor of digital versus analogue is that of domain. We hear music as an analogue waveform, not in long strings of ones and zeroes. Digital synthesis converts the analogue signal into a data stream of ones and zeroes, and then upon playback, the data must be recalled and reverted to an analogue sonic waveform that we can listen to.......

Vinyl LP’s are labor intensive. I use Nitty Gritty First, then distilled water, followed by their proprietary lavage solution and elbow greased scrub brush, before vacuuming the record upon their dedicated suction machine........

Time, more so than money, is my primary constraint. I spend hours prepping and cleaning LP’s, and have been unable to find anybody able to do the job right.

If I don’t sell this cartridge now. I’ll hang onto it......

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