Emerald PhysicsEP-2.7usedEmerald Physics EP-2.3Emerald Physics EP2.3 with optional $2,000 Cocobola finish. Great speakers but I am upgrading to a pair of much larger (and much more expensive) dynamic speakers. 2016 & 2107 Absolute Soun...3000.00

Emerald Physics EP-2.3 [Expired]

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Emerald Physics EP2.3 with optional $2,000 Cocobola finish.  Great speakers but I am upgrading to a pair of much larger (and much more expensive) dynamic speakers.

2016 & 2107 Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award winner

The new Emerald Physics EP2.3 is an upgrade to the CS2.3 that garnered many raves. The CS2.3  was a radical step forward and a worthy successor to the legendary CS2. This new MK2 version does not use a single part from the original and offers a major step forward in sonics.

With all new drivers, passive outboard crossovers, Emerald DSP, upgraded baffles and cosmetics, the EP2.3 is a true 3-way, 4 driver bi-amplified, full range dipole speaker design. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and dimensionality at anywhere near its cost, or as our customers can attest to even double or triple their cost.

The EP2.3 uses the new Emerald Physics designed custom designed Point Source 12" midrange and compression tweeter along with two Emerald Physics custom designed 15" woofers. These woofers move 80% more air than the woofers used in the original CS2.3, while the midrange and tweeter are far more linear. Our unique Aperture Bass Propagation technology, as introduced in the original CS2.3, is continued in the EP2.3.  This proprietary system is used for both 15" dipole woofers, improving low frequency power and linearity, while retaining all the speed and articulation of the original CS2 & 2.3. DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included new DSP2.4 Digital crossover/EQ processor.

The new EP2.3 now shipping, will also have an upgradable outboard passive midrange/tweeter crossover and the beautiful new cosmetics as introduced in the CS2P. The EP2.3 was redesigned from the ground up using the original Emerald Physics design concepts with all new parts.  

• Height: 51 inches   • Width: 22" inc bass   • Depth: 2.75 inches Baffle   • 8 inches Total Depth   • Net Weight: 78 lbs each   • Shipping Weight: 98 lbs each

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