Solid TechRack of Silence 4 Reference Audio RacknewSolid Tech > Rack of Silence 4 Reference > Audio Rack > ROS 4 Reference > BRAND NEW > NEVER OPENED > FULL WARRANTY > Shipped Direct from Authorized Dealer > SAVE $$$Solid Tech > ROS 4 Reference Audio Rack for Sale. Brand New in Box - Never Opened - Full Warranty - Shipped Direct from Authorized Dealer NIB Brand New. I special ordered two ...2345.00

Solid Tech > Rack of Silence 4 Reference > Audio Rack > ROS 4 Reference > BRAND NEW > NEVER OPENED > FULL WARRANTY > Shipped Direct from Authorized Dealer > SAVE $$$ [Expired]

no longer for sale

Solid Tech > ROS 4 Reference Audio Rack for Sale.

Brand New in Box - Never Opened - Full Warranty - Shipped Direct from Authorized Dealer NIB Brand New.  

I special ordered two of these ROS 4 Reference Racks in Black / Black and committed to buy both but now only need one so one is for offered for sale for an amazing price. 
When I ordered them I owned Pass Labs XA-160.8 Monoblocks and was going to sell my amp stands and upgrade to these but I chose to upgrade my Pass monoblocks to a Soulution 530 Integrated which in my opinion turned out to be a HUGE upgrade.

These are fantastic racks for the money. Nothing in this price range touches their performance, build quality or great looks. Really high quality stuff here for reasonable money.   

These are never discounted so you get a brand new, never owned, never used ROS 4 Reference Special Ordered in Black/Black from an authorized dealer with Full Warranty but for great savings. My loss is your gain but I am very happy with my Soulution 530 so its all good. 

Please read my Feedback and proceed with Full Confidence.   
I care about other Audiogon members and my extensive feedback attests to that. I will shoot you straight. These are fantastic units and a great way to display and employ your beloved equipment.   
I was never quite sure what the actual impact of a really good quality rack until I bought this Solid Tech. Before this I was using the excellent Solid Tech Hybrid but this is so much better.  

These are on a total other level and their improvements are measurable and fantastic. I love this rack and would never part with it if I didn't have the extra since I sold my Pass Labs Monoblocks for my Soulution Integrated amp so here it is.   

Solid Tech’s ROS Reference Series comes from a long heritage of award winning rack engineering and 

features all the top state-of-the-art engineering qualities that you would expect

These are outstanding Amplifier Stands. They made a real nice SQ improvement and they look Fantastic. 

The Rack of Silence design is extremely versatile and functional in order to guaranteee minimum resonance and vibration. Rack of Silence is available in wood trim colors as well as black or silver anonized aluminium extrusions. The Rack of Silence comes almost complete pre-assembled, ensuring a quick and easy installation of the sound system. The Apparatus Support system is made of extruded aluminum that is effectively resonance controlled by the fact that both sides are coated with acrylic glass and insulated from the wooden strut with a cork lined underside, even the top is cork lined and offers the apparatus a scratch resistant as well as a resonance-free surface to be placed on.

Rack of Silence can be ordered in eight different sizes. The Reference line has integrated an efficient isolation system meanwhile the Regular line is without.

Rack of Silence Product portfolio

Rack of Silence features Silence Apparatus Support Fully adjustable support system Silence Isolation

Is This the Best Amp Stand Ever?

Is the Solid Tech Reference 1 Rack of Silence the best amp stand ever? Its advanced technology and innovative design can give your amp a performance boost like it has never gotten before from any other rack.

"Ranks Among the Best Audio Racks"

"There's no question that the Rack of Silence ranks among the best audio racks I've ever heard," raves audiophile guru Wes Phillips in a review for SoundStage! "There was greater contrast between foreground and field. Again, there was greater sense of detail. And that swing thing? More of that, too. What I wasn't prepared for was an increase in low-end solidity."

"Shocked at the Overall Sonic Improvement"

"I was shocked at the overall sonic improvement that the Rack of Silence imparted," marvels Greg Petan in the December 2003 issue of Stereo Times. "In broad terms, the Rack of Silence was able to bring the whole of the performance forward in space without any sharpening or brightening of the upper frequencies. There appeared to be more meat on the bones, as information came through in a more coherent and organized fashion."

"A Serious Tool for the Audiophile on the Edge"

"The Rack of Silence is a serious tool for the audiophile on the edge," observes Marshall Nack in issue 13 of Positive Feedback. "It brought improvements beyond what my other racks offered, improvements that I wouldn't want to be without."

Suspension Shelf

The Reference 1 Rack of Silence amp stand consists of extruded aluminum pillars and a Suspension Shelf that is suspended from the support pillars using adjustable spring holders. Suspension Shelves allow free movement in both horizontal and vertical planes for the ultimate in vibration control and isolation.

Stainless Steel Ball 'Feet'

To place your component on the Rack of Silence, simply position four of the included stainless steel balls on one of the X-shaped shelves. Then set your power amp or other component on top of the balls, and enjoy the sonic benefits immediately. For even better performance, you can use Solid Tech's Feet of Silence or IsoClear feet.

Great offer.   

Please take some time to read my Feedback. It shows how I genuinely care about the other Audiogon members and the small group of other fellow audiophiles. I don't do this for a living but for me it's fun, it's my hobby. I buy some new gear and I am happy that there is a great place to either buy more or when it's time to sell and try some other gear. 

I take the greatest care of my items and I am offering a world class product for a great, well below market price. I am professional business person by trade and an audiophile by hobby and you can count on having a first class buying experience to go with some great top of the food chain Hi-Fi products .

I appreciate your taking the time to read my posting. Thank you for the time and consideration. Feel free to reach out if I can answer any questions. Shipping to be paid by the buyer and Only 3% for PayPal please. Paypal friends and family is Free… 



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