Cary AudioSilver OakusedCary Audio Silver Oak II loudspeakers! Excellent condition!Here is a pair of the highly sought after, extremely rare, Cary Audio Silver Oak Model II loudspeakers made by Dennis Had. Excellent condition, and used for less than 6 months. Not even broken in. ...2450.00

Cary Audio Silver Oak II loudspeakers! Excellent condition! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Here is a pair of the highly sought after, extremely rare, Cary Audio Silver Oak Model II loudspeakers made by Dennis Had. Excellent condition, and used for less than 6 months. Not even broken in. These are, by far, the best speakers I have ever had the privilege to own and hear. The ONLY reason these are available to purchase, is that they do not fit my current music room. They are 19”x12”x11.5” (height x width x depth) Stands NOT included.  Asking $2450.00 or best offer, including shipping, for such rare speakers in excellent condition, and fully functioning with no issues whatsoever.    The Silver Oak line was crafted and made by Dennis Had, and used to demo products for Cary Audio. The rarety of these speakers are extremely high. I dont recall these ever being offered for sale in recent years. How many were made, or are out in the world, is totally unknown. Your chance at a one of a kind, rarety speaker pair.
These speakers are of impeccable design and quality. No grills included. In excellent condition with no scratches in the wood. A very small scratch across the foam of the tweeter...does not affect the sound quality at all. See the pictures. Also...some indentations in one of the speakers by the top grill hole. There is also a missing piece of wood in one of the speakers on the bottom center. On a stand, you can barely notice it. Please see the picture. That is the only imperfection on these speakers.  The price has been adjusted for the imperfection. The sound is absolutely amazing. The wood is smooth and in excellent condition. Truly a top tier speaker. These speakers have not even been broken in yet...that is how little time is on them. They will sound even better after about 100 hours of break in time.   
These speakers are extremely well made, and the weight supports that claim. They are each about 100 lbs. Shipping will be very very I will have them professionally packaged and insured. 
There is not much info around about these speakers...but these specific Speakers were used to demo Cary Audio tube preamplifier at CES shows. Very little use on them both. They used 3rd order crossover and 2 way designs with shared drivers. This is what I could find on them:
The two really unique features of these speakers is that they're super efficient and use a 3rd order crossover.

Cary was demoing these speakers at CES 04 (and probably 05) using a 25 WPC amp to rave reviews, and I'm using the 200WPC Cinema 5 amp, so these will work well with a very wide variety of (quality) amplification.

The most interesting and useful feature (to me) is the 3rd order crossover. This optimizes off axis performance which is great for home theater. Anyone in the room now gets very close to "sweet spot" sound from the mains and center - which makes it ideal for home theater (plus amazingly it images perfectly for 2 channel audio). I always hated how relatively boring my B&W 804's sounded unless you were in the magic spot.

Another feature is the offset tweeters (to the side) which allows you to get larger than life sound-staging in a small room (by having the tweeters oriented on the outside) or a more tightly focused image with the speakers farther apart by orienting the tweeters inwards. 
I have over 1000 transactions on the “other” site with 100 % positive feedback. I am selling these speakers, due to the condition and rarity, for $2450.00 including shipping or best offer. Shipping will be in separate boxes, professionally packaged. Most likely for around $150 each speaker. Hence the asking price.  Local pick up is fine in the Brookfield, WI area, and I will take $300 off the price.  Please email me with questions or concerns. Thanks! 
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