Allnic AudioH1201 Free Tube ReplacementnewAllnic Audio H1201 Free Tube Replacement -Really!March 12, 2019Hammertone Audio, Allnics ZL Distributor and Allnic Audio's oldest electronics dealer is offering a FREE quad set of Mullard NOS E180CC replacements to Allnic H1201 owners.To qualify...1.00

Allnic Audio H1201 Free Tube Replacement -Really! [Expired]

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March 12, 2019

Hammertone Audio, Allnics ZL Distributor and Allnic Audio's oldest electronics dealer  is offering a FREE quad set of Mullard NOS E180CC replacements to Allnic H1201 owners.

To qualify: Owner must contact David Beetles via  website to enable sending images of his or her H1201 to include serial number with permission to use these images in our website if we chose.

Along with your images, please send address and telephone number to enable Canada Post delivery. There is absolutely no charge for this offering but be advised, this gift is limited, the FREE offer ends with depletion of my H1201 tube inventory.

This is our thanks for your continued loyalty with hope when it's time to upgrade, you will consider Allnic Audio. The newest offerings of Allnic ZL cables and Electronics from KS Park's mindset  are superb with performance levels excelling competition at every price point that push the envelope. Have a listen!

The buzz on the street with the new ZL Cable line is strong. Recent H7000, L10000 and H1202, reviews are now out there , please investigate.

If you use Whatsapp, you can text, call and send images globally, conventional  texts in USA are OK. Promise quick turnaround time.

Again, our thanks and best wishes

David Beetles

Hammertone Audio


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