Pass LabsXP-30usedPass Labs XP-30This may be the only used XP-30 on the market. Note: Pictures were taken today (March 10, 2019) of the actual unit. The box was opened for the first time since it was picked up from Pass Labs. ...8750.00

Pass Labs XP-30 [Expired]

no longer for sale

This may be the only used XP-30 on the market. 

Note:  Pictures were taken today (March 10, 2019) of the actual unit.  The box was opened for the first time since it was picked up from Pass Labs.  The entire cosmetics of the unit were replaced.  So, the XP-30 is essentially brand new cosmetically (flawless from Pass Labs) and electronics are the same as those in the 2018/2019 units.

*You are getting an almost brand new XP-30 for almost half the retail price*

From Pass Labs:  The Xp-30 is proving to be a very hard act to follow as it really is a marvelously musical piece.  Even when compared to the unreleased XP-32”.

The XP-30 is a three-piece modular preamplifier consisting of one control/power supply chassis and two additional gain chassis each containing analog signals of a single channel. The XP-30 generates less noise, crosstalk and distortion while delivering greater dynamic range, gain, output voltage and output current. But it is the sound, not the technical excellence, that truly makes this a breakthrough instrument.

There are a total of seven line-level inputs (both balanced and unbalanced sets) on each linestage chassis, the sixth being a pass-through for home-theater use and the seventh a tape loop that can only be operated from the remote control.  Flexibility is at the core of this design. The XP-30 is able to drive a pair of power amplifiers with two different gain settings. Each gain module features two pairs of outputs (RCA and XLR). In each pair, one is a master and the other a slave that is tied to the master via a volume pot. Thus the slave output can be tweaked, as needed, to drive an active subwoofer or a bi-amplified speaker configuration.

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