Allnic ZL TechnologyMu-7R Digital Coax CablenewAllnic ZL Technology Mu-7R Digital Coax or AES/EBU CableIntroducing a cable completely different than anything I have come across previous--Welded terminations providing reduced signal resistance and improved durability. Heavy gauge nickel plated OFC f...1500.00

Allnic ZL Technology Mu-7R Digital Coax or AES/EBU Cable [Expired]

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Introducing a cable completely different than anything I have come across previous--Welded terminations providing reduced signal resistance and improved durability.  Heavy gauge nickel plated OFC for superior high current conductivity and Mu Metal, aluminum and nickel copper mesh, double shielding to block all RF noise.   My system achieved a level of clarity and cohesiveness unveiling nuances of familiar recordings never heard before.  The Mu-7R Digital Coax cable is the cheapest in the ZL Technologies line up but what is commonly believed the most important cable in any system transmitting the signal from its source in the purest of form.  Hence, Zero-Loss.  

Unlike many brands, custom lengths are offered at a nominal up charge.  Standard length: 1.5m, contact for custom length pricing ($200/0.5m) 

AES/EBU balanced digital cable available at the same price.

They are being offered with free shipping and 28 day no hassle return policy, meaning on delivery you have 4 weeks to burn in and enjoy the cable.  I only ask to return them in a like new condition so they can be re-sold.    

Trade in considered.  Bulk discount offered.  Please contact me directly.
Feel free to call or email me with questions.  

"In general, the Allnic interconnects and speaker cables sound more like the electronics and speakers with which they are used than some innate character of their own. And if you think about it, that's really what you want from cables: to get out of the way, to neither add to nor subtract from the music. Throughout my time with them, and the many system iterations with which they were used, they always imparted an authentic sense of the music, as though the system was in a purer, more direct state."  Marc Mickelson!

We ship world-wide. 

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Barrier free conductors

Traditional soldered or clamped connections between terminations and conductor create two resistant barriers (solder has much greater resistance than copper or silver). Our direct, high temperature melt welding (1000 Degrees Centigrade), without solder, removes two obstacles in the signal path by melting terminations and wire conductors into a single, seamless material.

Mu-metal shielding for true protection from EMI

While all other audio cable manufacturers use copper and/or silver shields for signal cables, Allnic uses ‘Mu-metal’ as braided shield for its interconnect and digital cables (RCA & XLR) – a world-premiere in the audio industry.

Traditional copper and/or silver mesh shields provide effective protection against electrically generated noise, but they are ineffective against magnetically induced noise. This is because magnetically generated interference freely penetrates both copper and silver. Only Mu-metal (a nickel alloy material) can protect the audio signal from both electronically and magnetically induced noise. Test data show that Mu-metal shielding reduces electromagnetic noise to less than 1/30th of what braided copper shield allows, down -30dB in comparison.

Permanent contact pressure via heat-treated beryllium-copper terminations

Contact resistance is a critical factor for signal transmission. Higher contact pressure and a larger contact surface mean less contact resistance and better signal transfer. Traditional bronze, pure copper and phosphorous-copper terminations cannot provide sufficiently secure and long-lasting contact pressure. Our precision-milled, slit, heat-treated beryllium-copper terminations provide maximum contact surface and powerful contact pressure for minimal signal loss – for life.

Mid-Range Control Technology – MRCT®

Allnic considers an exaggerated midrange to be a clear indicator of inaccurate signal transfer through a cable, and the most formidable distortion to overcome in cable design. Allnic’s MRCT is the result of meticulous listening and measurements to select carefully formulated metal plating for slight midrange “braking” and heavier wire gauges for accurate low frequencies, as well as to ensure control of capacitance for provision of stunningly realistic high frequencies. 


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