SonoreSignature RenduusedSonore Signature RenduSONORE Signature Rendu Used as DEMO. Unit is five years old. Works great.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Signature Series Rendu generates clean clocks and then reclocks on the output board right before the ...1395.00

Sonore Signature Rendu [Expired]

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SONORE Signature Rendu

Used as DEMO.  Unit is five years old.  Works great.


Signature Series Rendu generates clean clocks and then reclocks on the output board right before the SPDIF and I2S output jitter is lowered even further.  Additionally, a very special SPDIF driver circuitry results in a perfectly clean SPDIF waveform which allows one to get the best out of any SPDIF input DAC.  While the original Rendu has set the Ethernet to SPDIF and I2S standard up to now, the new Signature Series Rendu takes performance to the next level, this is the best SPDIF and I2S we can make, and we suspect that you will think so as well.


Beautiful custom made case built in the USA
Custom made footers with Sorbothane isolators
Power supply with internally shielded Plitron transformer (the best, from Canada)
QSpeed super soft diodes
Low ESR caps
Ultra low noise discrete linear regulators
Custom made Sonore output board with SPDIF (BNC 75 Ohm) and LVDS i2s (HDMI) 
Ultra high quality SPDIF output
Output re-clocking totally isolated from the processor board
All signals re-clocked on the isolated board in an ultra low noise environment via low phase noise oscillators (Crystek CCHD Series)
Blue Jean bonded Ethernet cable with test certificate

Supports Tidal lossless streaming via BubbleUPNP controller on an Android device
Supports Tidal lossless streaming via BubbleServer and Linn Kazoo controller
Supports gapless playback
Supports DSD/DoP pass through via SPDIF output
Isolation from server noise over network
Asynchronous Ethernet to SPDIF / LVDS i2s output
Integrated, 32 bit, high precision volume control
Supports 24 bit PCM playback at sample rates up to 192KHz via SPDIF and LVDS i2s output
Supports native DSD playback up to DSD128 via LVDS i2s output 
Controlled via apps on a computer, Android, and iOS device
UPnPTM AV 2.0 / DLNA compliant
Gold plated exposed copper on printed circuit boards
Impedance control on digital output module
Stripline design with traces buried in the inner layers of the board to give the best signal integrity and EMI protection

PS Audio - PerfectWave DAC MKI/MKII
PS Audio - DirectStream DAC
Rockna - Wavequest (pending verification)
Sonore - Signature Series DAC
K&K Audio - RAKK DAC
Wadia - Intuition (pending verification)
Wyred4Sound - DAC-2/DAC-2 DSDse
Click here for more information about LVDS i2s compatible devices

Controllers for gapless playback
J River with/without J Remote, Audionet, Bubble UPNP, Foobar2000 with UPNP/DLNA plug-in

PCM servers
Diskstation, J River, MinimServer, Logitech Media Server (LMS), Mini DLNA, Assest, Twonky

PCM + DSD/DoP servers
MinimServer running, J-River, Foobar2000 with SACD plug-in

Dimension: 12.75" (width) x 3" (height) x 10.25" (depth) 
Weight: 12lb
Power input: 120VAC, 60Hz
Power consumption: 125mA

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