MeridianG-68advusedMeridian G-68advMERIDIAN G68 SURROUND CONTROLLER-BLACK We have a client that just did a massive upgrade to whole new Meridian System and no longer has any use for this or place to use this ...1000.00

Meridian G-68adv [Expired]

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We have a client that just did a massive upgrade to whole new Meridian System and no longer has any use for this or place to use this


This unit recently had the Linear Power Supply Upgrade performed in January.


This unit is in perfect working condition but does have some small cosmetic blemishes/scratches as you can see in the pictures.


G68 is a highly specified and flexible Surround Controller featuring many of Meridian’s key technologies plus a comprehensive host of input/output switching and connectivity.

Central to the G68 is a powerful DSP engine made up of five Motorola 56367 devices and one 53671, running at 150MHz and delivering 900 MIPS (million instructions per second). All processing is carried out with 48-bit precision, ensuring all filtering is carried out far beyond the range of human hearing. This DSP engine is also responsible for G68’s comprehensive bass management system which can support up to three separate subwoofers, and for managing up to 60 filters created by Meridian’s Room Correction software.

G68 includes multiple analog and digital audio input types including; Meridian SmartLink for multi-channel connection to one of Meridian’s advanced DVD Players such as G96, or for connection to a Meridian HD621; USB audio input for direct connection to personal computers or computer based media servers; Toslink optical digital inputs for connection to set-top boxes, etc; configurable multi-channel analog inputs for connection to multi-channel music sources.

All analog inputs are processed at 24-bit, 96kHz resolution. G68 also provides video inputs and switching for up to three component video sources.

HDMI audio sources can be connected to G68 via Meridian’s HD621 HDMI Audio Processor and Meridian’s digital multi-channel SmartLink.

Providing up to eight-channels of output for Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers via SpeakerLink, G68 can control any of Meridian’s most sophisticated multi-channel systems. For customers with traditional power-amplifiers and passive loudspeakers, G68 offers balanced analog output for up to eight-channels on XLR connectors.

The AM/FM RDS radio tuner features 24-bit, 96kHz analog to digital conversion, and digital signal processing provides an elegant FM stereo blend/width control which allows for unwanted noise to be filtered out from radio reception. The tuner also features DSP based low pass filters for improved AM reception.

Meridian G68 is offered in G Series anodised Silver or Black finishes.

Key Features and Benefits

SpeakerLink output connectivity makes specifying and installing a Meridian Digital Theater system easier then ever before and at the same time lifts performance to an even higher level.

Two Meridian SmartLink inputs allow for the best possible connection to Meridian DVD Players, such as G96, and to Meridian’s HD621 HDMI Audio Processor for the best possible audio performance from the most common sources in home theater systems including BluRay Disc. SmartLink’s automatic DSP mode selection makes sure your G68 always selects your favored DSP mode automatically regardless of source audio type, making the Meridian Surround Controller easier

to use than its competitors.

Meridian Room Correction technology controls the sound delivered to each speaker in the system making sure its relationship to the listening environment is perfectly matched. This automatic process reduces “boominess” and masking effects which in turn improve clarity and detail in sound.

Integrated AM/FM RDS radio source provides presets for up to thirty radio stations, giving owners easy access and simple control of their favorite radio stations without the need for a separate radio tuner and control interface.

USB audio input allows G68 to function as a high-performance digital to analog converter for personal computers. This makes connecting many media PCs to a Meridian system much easier and can radically improve sound quality of music played from digital libraries such as iTunes.

G68 offers a 3-in-1 out component video switch based on broadcast grade technologies. This switching is ideal for customers with more complex AV systems.

The most comprehensive Surround Controller in the Meridian G Series allows connection of diverse range of audio and video sources (including HDMI via HD621) to a high-performance home theater system. This allows unified control over time alignment and bass management functions as well as Meridian Room Correction for perfectly controlled sound from almost any source.

Balanced analog output connections provide high quality link to traditional power amplifiers and passive loudspeakers for customers who don’t own Meridian DSP Loudspeakers.


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