Emerald PhysicsEP4.7usedEmerald Physics EP4.7 Trade-ins-warranty-Save $4000.00Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPalI have a super clean pair of Emerald Physics black tricoat EP4.7's for sale. They have been checked out and will come with a one year factory war...2750.00

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Emerald Physics EP4.7 Trade-ins-warranty-Save $4000.00 [Expired]

no longer for sale

    Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal

I have a super clean pair of Emerald Physics black tricoat EP4.7's for sale. They have been checked out and will come with a one year factory warranty

The new replacement EP4.8 retails for $8500.00. The 4.7 at $2790.000 for the pair is a steal on a great speaker. Only 1 trade-in pair at this deal. 

The 4.7 is upgradable to the 4.8 right in your home for $1600.00.* These 4.7's come with the DSP2.4 electronic crossover for biamping but we can sub passive crossovers for single amp operation if desired. You can start with one amp and add in the future to upgrade performance.


In the the Nov 2015 review Jerry Seigel with 10audio.com sums with:

"The EP4.7 puts the listener in “Koetsu Time”, which
is a frame of mind where the music is so captivating that external
cares evaporate. The music is so engrossing, often enchanting, that
great performances end far too quickly. A five minute song feels as if
it concludes in a just a minute or two, and my usual 2-3 hour listening
sessions fly by.

The Emerald Physics EP4.7 speakers offer an
extraordinarily believable 3D holographic sound stage. They have better
than subwoofer-quality bass. The midrange is the complete package. The
upper frequencies have state-of-the-art resolution. If you are looking
for a full range, high resolution, high-performance speaker then you
should hear the Emerald Physics EP4.7. Even if you are prepared to spend
(a LOT) more, the Emerald Physics EP4.7 offers exemplary performance
and destroys all price-performance ratio benchmarks extant."

They are keepers. I mailed the check and added them to the reference system.

Overall Rating: 10 LPs

Read the entire review at: http://www.10audio.com/emerald_physics_4.7.htm

See the Dec 5, 2014 The Absolute Sound review at:


In the 4.7 review in Stereotimes Dave Thomas sums with:

"It’s actually quite a remarkable achievement to build a speaker that combines so many wonderful attributes, combining innovative technologies, attractive styling, and wonderful sonics all in a product that is a flat-out bargain compared to a lot of what I just saw a few months ago at CES. And the real kicker… no box! Bravo to the folks at Emerald Physics! It’s still early in the year and I’ve already encountered an obvious choice as a 2015 Most Wanted Component. It’s gonna be a great year. Highly recommended."

Read the entire review at: http://www.stereotimes.com/post/emerald-physics-ep4.7-loudspeaker/

In the Stereotimes Oct 2015 follow of the amps and Emerald 100.2SE amp they say:

"The Emerald Physics EP 4.7 is an extraordinary speaker capable of producing beautify sound with authority, power and with a transparency that is nothing less than a pleasure to listen to. The EP100.2SE amplifiers are handsome and powerful enough for most applications. Emerald Physics is clearly a company that aims to please, offering a line of boxless speaker systems and amplifiers that should appeal to both audiophile and music lovers alike at competitive prices."

This EP4.7 outperforms the EP2.3 (formerly CS2.3MK2) other than the last 8Hz of bass. It is more transparent with the last little detail lacking in the EP2.3

See our new video tour at:


What do you get when you take our top of the line EP2.7 and drop one of the two 15" woofers from the 2.7? The new EP4.7. The EP4.7 is a baby EP2.7 that "only" goes to 28Hz and not 20Hz like the 2.7. Other than that it is the same speaker with the same drivers in a smaller more room friendly size. At only 39 inches tall it will go in almost all rooms and its unique Controlled Dispersion Design removes most of the rooms sonics.

As Robert Greene summed in the original initial CS2 in  The Absolute Sound review:
"the Emerald Physics CS2 comes remarkably close to putting at your ears the literal sound of the recordings you play on it, via the all-important minimized interaction with your listening room. Good by any standard, at its price it is quite amazing. A wonderful achievement in speaker design."

This EP4.7 3-way design with all better drivers and crossover is superior to the 2 way CS2 in every way.

The EP4.7 uses one Emerald Physics 15" long throw open baffle woofer and our point source 12" midrange with the Emerald Neo Polyester tweeter for extension, smoothness and almost electrostatic speed. The new Emerald 15" woofer moves almost 80% more air than the older stock Eminence driver. It comes with either the $600.00 Special Edition passive crossover or $850.00 Emerald DSP2.4 woofer/midrange crossover, and beautiful $1200.00 8 stage automotive Tricoat finish in black.

With its new Emerald Physics designed 12" point source professional driver system, the EP4.7 is a true 3-way, bi-amplified, dipole, controlled directivity speaker. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism & dimensionality at anywhere near its Internet Direct cost of only $6995.00 for the pair. This new EP4.7 model does not share a single part from the original CS2 or CS3/2.3 series products. It has new outboard Special Edition crossovers, Emerald DSP crossover/EQ, new Emerald designed drivers, upgraded baffle, connectors and much improved cosmetics of the older CS series.

Imaging is the same as the EP2.3 that Paul Seydor of the Absolute Sound  summed with:

“The CS2.3 mk2 (now EP2.3) offered simply the most precise imaging and best soundstaging I have ever heard anywhere; for once and without exaggeration I could use the word holographic. Dynamic range is extremely wide, bass response subterranean, midrange rich and open. Orchestral music is spectacular while Sinatra on “Angel eyes” is palpably present, three dimensional and spookily real- also rare at this show a true baritone. If this thing performs in most rooms the way it did here it may be just about the best performance per dollar I know in high end loudspeakers.” TAS Newport Show report Oct 2013

Feel free to compare the EP4.7 to speakers selling for many multiples of its price.

The new Emerald point source midrange/tweeter offers amazing imaging and soundstaging. The innovation continues in the Bass range with our unique Aperture Bass Propagation Technology. This proprietary system is used for the custom Emerald 15" dipole woofer, improving low frequency power and linearity, while improving on the speed and articulation of the original CS2.3. The new custom designed Emerald 15" woofer moves 80% more air than the original CS2.3 and CS2.7 woofers so a single 15 gets us almost as much bass as the dual 15’s of the older models. 

DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included $850.00 Emerald Physics DSP2.4 Digital Processor and the upgraded included $600.00 passive Special Edition crossover uses upgraded parts and can be delivered for single, biamp or triamp operation.

EP4.7 Specifications * :
System Type: 3-way, Dynamic Dipole - DSP equalized
Frequency Range: 28Hz–22kHz -1dB/ from target curve
Frequency Linearity: +/- 2dB from 100Hz-20kHz from target curve
Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal bass / 8 ohms midrange/tweeter
Max Power input: 150W RMS, 300W program
Sensitivity: 93dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz

High Frequency: Emerald Physics custom 1 inch exit Polyester compression driver         Mid Frequency: Custom Emerald Physics 12 inch paper cone coaxial                
Low Frequency: Custom Emerald Physics 15 inch paper cone
Crossover: Special Edition Mid/high –Passive outboard 3rd order acoustic filter @ 900Hz.                    
Low/Mid –External DSP Asymmetrical active network @ 250Hz.
Frequency contour: Digital equalization – Emerald Physics DSP2.4
Finish: Automotive 8 stage black Tri-coat.
Dimensions: 38.75”H x 22”W x 3”D (Baffle) (15” with rear base)
Weight: Net: 65 lbs each,
Shipping: 80 lbs each
Specifications subject to change
* call to discuss the $1600.00 upgrade before purchase if interested in the EP4.8.

Buy with confidence from AudiogoN’s #1 rated dealer by feedback.

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These ship by truck on a pallet. Freight will run between $280.00 and $450.00 depending on where you live. 

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